Oskar Aspman portfolio

NimaOskar AspmanNimaIllustration till lättläst bok från Studentlitteratur.
Portrait of Ingrid Segerstedt-WibergOskar AspmanPortrait of Ingrid Segerstedt-WibergPortrait for Swedish magazine Folket i Bild
The memories of an old manOskar AspmanThe memories of an old manGhostly illustration for swedish publisher Hastur Förlag
The Pen is bigger than the swordOskar AspmanThe Pen is bigger than the swordIllustration for a textbook.
Ghost treesOskar AspmanGhost treesWhen the trees hasn't had enough hugs, they long for warmth
The dance of the fairiesOskar AspmanThe dance of the fairiesIllustration for a book
ZappaOskar AspmanZappaFrank Zappa and the magical realism. Illustration for music tabloid.
FishesOskar AspmanFishesI like fishes. They are surreal and wonderful.
and then I saw the feathers falling...Oskar Aspmanand then I saw the feathers falling...Splash page from a comic.
MedusaOskar AspmanMedusaThe scream of Medusa. Cover illustration that never got to be on the cover.
The earthOskar AspmanThe earthIllustration for easy read book on the history of the earth
FriendsOskar AspmanFriendsIllustration for beginners book in swedish for immigrants
the mirrorOskar Aspmanthe mirrorIllustration for ghost story book, ages 9–12.
Dinner aloneOskar AspmanDinner aloneIllustration for short story in swedish magazine
The devil in high placesOskar AspmanThe devil in high placesBook cover illustration for swedish publisher
The hermitOskar AspmanThe hermitWhy does the hermit hold a star?
The ghost monkey says hi.Oskar AspmanThe ghost monkey says hi.The ghost monkeys are mostly awake at night. They like to eat tree melons in the moonlight.
Black madame, show yourself.Oskar AspmanBlack madame, show yourself.Cover illustration for swedish publisher Betapedagog
Oskar Aspman

Oskar Aspman

I make illustrations for books and magazines, everything from education to horror.
I prefer to work in black ink, sometimes with a touch of colour, but I also master other techniques.
I strive to find interesting angles and capture distinctive features.

I am convinced that you don't just want your text validated but that you want the drawings to have additional purpose and content. That the drawings contrasts, challenges and highlights aspects of what you want to convey.