Paco Garcia portfolio

New food trendsPaco GarciaNew food trendsSet of illustrations about new food trends
"Leo Vegas"Paco Garcia"Leo Vegas"Storyboard for "Leo Vegas"
"Sveriges historia"Paco Garcia"Sveriges historia"Animated intro to "Sveriges historia"
Storyboard "Bild am Sonntag"Paco GarciaStoryboard "Bild am Sonntag"Storyboard for a "Bild am Sonntag"commercial
Benny Brun och hans overlappsfjunPaco GarciaBenny Brun och hans overlappsfjunAnimation for Magnus Carlsson children animated series:" Benny Brun och hans overlappsfjun"
Storyboard for City GrossPaco GarciaStoryboard for City GrossStoryboard for City Gross
Food and package illustrationPaco GarciaFood and package illustrationFood and package illustration
Storyboard ComviqPaco GarciaStoryboard ComviqStoryboard for Comviq
Gyllene Tider's summer tour 2013Paco GarciaGyllene Tider's summer tour 2013Animated introduction for Gyllene Tider's summer tour 2013. Animation, storyboard & design: Paco Garcia  animation: Anders Worm , compositing and sound: ShortCut Media 
Storyboard for AMFPaco GarciaStoryboard for AMFStoryboard for AMF
Storyboard ExpressenPaco GarciaStoryboard ExpressenStoryboard Expressen
"Felix"Paco Garcia"Felix""Felix" ketchup storyboard
FitnessPaco GarciaFitnessDigitala illustrationer till "Fitness Magazine"
Kenny beginsPaco GarciaKenny beginsStoryboard för långfilmen "Kenny begins"
Storyboard "Mamma Moo"Paco GarciaStoryboard "Mamma Moo"Storyboard for animated feature film "Mamma Mu & kråkan"
Paco GarciaStoryboard pich for commercial
Storyboard "Prick & Fläck"Paco GarciaStoryboard "Prick & Fläck"Storyboard för animerad film "Prick & Fläck på pricknick". ZigZag animation
AnimalsPaco GarciaAnimalsAnimals
Paco Garcia

Paco Garcia

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Paco Garcia Rodriguez. I'm a storyboard artist, animator and ilustrator.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I'm easy

Do you have any hidden talents?

The talents I have I don't like to hide…