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Paloma Pérez Lucero

Hi – nice that you've found me here! 
As a media creator/ illustrator, I'm passionated about contributing to clear communication having focus on making data, facts or statistics understandable through visual means. I also am used to have the user experience in mind through the entire creative process.

During 2018, I have been contributing at the infographic department at Dagens Nyheter, making illustrations or infographics for print or webb including motion- and interactive graphic materials, visualising facts and statistics. In parallel, I've been engaged in new digital challenges such as producing VR-video (360-movie), immersive storytelling. (One example at Youtube:

Thanks to my creativity and a great enthusiasm in infographics, I have contributed to Svenska Dagbladet's awarded pages in 2010 (see portfolio). I have also been offered to lecture and have workshops at Hyper island among other places. I have a drive energy and an empathetic approach that led to the opportunity to engage in the role as a project manager / assignment editor during my years at the TT News Agency.

I have a warm personality with a positive curious attitude towards new technology, challenges and cross-border cooperation. I am motivated by learning new things and having the opportunity to contribute to a better world through more transparency and as a big fan of Hans Rosling, by "killing myths with facts".

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