Paulus Bodoni portfolio

Personal Work, Sad CatPaulus BodoniPersonal Work, Sad CatThe Cats name is Älskling (Darling) and he can be both sad and disappointed.
Personal Work, Little ElephantPaulus BodoniPersonal Work, Little ElephantSometimes when i am watching documentarys about nature i am having my sketchbook before me. This is one of the results.
Personal Work, Old and NewPaulus BodoniPersonal Work, Old and NewI made a personal New Years wish a while ago using this drawing.
Personal Work, The people of the VulcanoPaulus BodoniPersonal Work, The people of the VulcanoSpontanious drawing while I was thinking of vulcanos and the people that once lived at the feet of these unpredictable giants. Made in Chinese Ink, Pantone pens and chlorine.
Personal Work, Black and White ChurchPaulus BodoniPersonal Work, Black and White ChurchJag brukar börja rita utan att skissa. Det flöder mestadels fritt fram. Sedan jag flyttade till Sverige har jag besökt väldigt många uråldriga och vacka kyrkor. I use to start drawing without sketching. Usually it just flows out of my pen. since I moved to Sweden I visited many age-old and beautiful churches.
Personal Work, "We were supposed to be friends"Paulus BodoniPersonal Work, "We were supposed to be friends"How does it feels to be in complicated relationships?
Paulus Bodoni

Paulus Bodoni

Paulus Bodoni is an artist originating from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) who moved to Sweden about thirty years ago. Bodoni got his education att the Gerrit Rietveld Academie 1970 -75. 

In Holland he worked as an illustrator for children magazines such as Taptoe, Ezelsoor, Okki and Jippo. He also illustrated for music magazines like Muziekkrant Oor and Hitkrant. For many years he has been contributing as an editor/publisher and contributor for cartoon/strip magazines like ”de Vrije Balloen” (the Free Balloon) and ”Gezellig en Leuk” (Nice and Cozy). Bodoni made a lot of pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, booklets, posters and book covers. He also made some books illustrated by himself.

As Bodoni moved to Sweden he first of all became a dad for a pair of twin girls. A couple of years later he started to work with people and art. Became an art therapist att the NiArte Institute. In the beginning he worked with very young persons, later with young adults. The last 10 years he has been working at an Activity Center with adults with neuropsychiatric diagnoses. At this moment Bodoni is involved in a huge project: the creation of the worlds biggest artwork entirely made of over two and a half million plastic beads!

Bodoni still makes strips, sequential art and illustrations, mostly for the Dutch market. Working with Chinese ink and watercolor, but also digitally in InDesign, Illustrator and sometimes in Muse and Photoshop… And love to paint directly on fabric like T-shirts…