Per Axell portfolio

Old pinetree.Per AxellOld pinetree.An illustration made for Uppsala municipality to use in a nature reserve.
Uppsala municipality. Informationsign to be used in naturereserv in Uppsala.Per AxellUppsala municipality. Informationsign to be used in naturereserv in Uppsala.Information about intresting facts in the naturereserv of Vårdsätra forrest outside Uppsala.
Common goldeneyePer AxellCommon goldeneyeIllustration made to use in a naturereserve in Uppsala.
Oak veteranisation.Per AxellOak veteranisation.Illustration made for the Borogh of London, The National Trust and the Swedish conservtion authorities.
Frittilaria meleagris, Snakes headPer AxellFrittilaria meleagris, Snakes headIllustration for an illustrated map over the parish of Balingsta.
DiplomaPer AxellDiplomaA diploma created for the Pomological Society of Sweden.
Sparrow owlPer AxellSparrow owlA sparrow owl visited my garden one day.
oakPer AxelloakA favourite motive: trees, preferably an old oak.
Old oak.Per AxellOld oak.An illustration made for the Uppland nature conservation foudation.
Snipe.Per AxellSnipe.snipe
Lady´s slipperPer AxellLady´s slipperLaydy's slipper
Blackbird and appletree.Per AxellBlackbird and appletree.Blackbird and apple tree
Ostrich fernPer AxellOstrich fernOstrich fern
The naturereseve of Gryssjömyran in the province of Hälsingland.Per AxellThe naturereseve of Gryssjömyran in the province of Hälsingland.The naturereserve of Gryssjömyran in the province of Hälsingland.  The work is performed for the Contry Administrative Board in Gävleborg county.
Ashen disease.Per AxellAshen disease.Folder about Ashen disease. A work in collaboration with Pro-Natura for county administrative boards in Sweden.
In the forrest.Per AxellIn the forrest.In the forrest
bogPer Axellbogbog
HazelhenPer AxellHazelhenHazelhen
Per Axell

Per Axell

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Per Axell. I am a gardener, garden designer, artist and illustrator and I usualy take on comissions with motifs from those genres.

What are you working with right now?

I am working with illustrations for information signs for nature reserves in the municipallity of Uppsala.

What does your work table tell us about you?To the extent that I work indoors there are pencils, paper, colors that apply. The work usually swells over so I can take floor, chairs and all available surfaces. But most of the time, I'm out in nature, drawing directly, at least during periods of more free Creation.