Per Pelz portfolio

Private project 2020Per PelzPrivate project 2020My own project, assignment from "Famous Artists Cartoon Course"
City of Karlstad 2020Per PelzCity of Karlstad 2020Map of "Solapromenaden", a trail around the city for exercsize aswell as experiences of culture and art.
Acamp ( 2020Per PelzAcamp ( 2020An illustration for Acamp, a digital platform ( Visit for more illustrations from this project.
Liber Spektrum, BiologyPer PelzLiber Spektrum, BiologyBiology illustrations, Liber Spektrum NO4
Liber Spektrum 2019Per PelzLiber Spektrum 2019Illustrations for chapter about chemistry, Liber Spektrum NO4
Halloween GIF 2019Per PelzHalloween GIF 2019One of my own projects 2019
Liber Spektrum, biology 2019Per PelzLiber Spektrum, biology 2019Illustrations for biology chapter, Liber Spektrum NO4
Prosero Security GroupPer PelzProsero Security GroupProsero Security Group, illustrations regarding company policy.
Epiroc, infographics 2019Per PelzEpiroc, infographics 2019Characters from an infographics project. On behalf of Epiroc.
Sir Longbottom´s GinPer PelzSir Longbottom´s GinPrivate project, "Sir Longbottom´s Gin". 
Infographic, invertebratesPer PelzInfographic, invertebratesIllustrationer och fakta om ryggradslösa djur. Framtagen för att fungera som skolplansch.
Per Pelz
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Per Pelz


My name is Per and I´ve worked as a freelance illustrator since 2017 when I completed my education as graphic designer.

I love the process of simplifying and making things easier to understand. Many years of working in the field of education is a great help  to me when I´m working on illustrations that aims to do just that. 

I like to give my work a humoristic touch, and to create funny characters. Besides illustration, I can offer everything from simple GIF animations, to infographics and short animated movies with sound and music, thanks to my collaboration with an animator.

Some of customers: Liber, Epiroc, Prosero Security Group.

Please vistit my website: