Peter Göransson
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Peter Göransson

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

-And do you not think it is really fascinating and fun to work as an illustrator? -Yes, it… -And see your own things in the press and know that others like them, do not you feel important and smart then? -Well, I do not know … -You also work with animation, flash, web, and lots of big companies and advertising agencies, newspapers, etc., don't you feel confirmed and appreciated in a socially and professionally manner? -Nah, what the… Peter Goransson, anyway. And so I do not like competitions.

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

-And why, can you elaborate so that it seems interesting, although it is not? -To answer the phone, feel participation in the process, I don't think… -Yes, exactly, that is what everyone says. But can you expand that a little? -Um, well then, to really work, and be physical with my hands, results, creation itself, that is, after all, a craft … -Nah, we'll come no longer here, do you use computers and oil paint? -Yes, but not exactly the same time, possibly in parallel. And so I do not like competitions.

Have you received any awards or prizes?

-Sigh. So, my attitude for competitions are not positive. They reflect rather the organizer's incompetence than create new opportunities. And conditions are generally … -Oops, what a posture. Do you mean that it also involves competitions of architectural and graphic design, even? -Yes, exactly.