Peter Påhlman portfolio

Nokia, game, 2014Peter PåhlmanNokia, game, 2014Game promoting Nokia, built as a hybrid app for Facebook as well as mobile phones and tablets.
Playing Media, online community, 2015Peter PåhlmanPlaying Media, online community, 2015Visual identity as well as complete design of Playing's new community and forum.
Evothings visual identity, 2015Peter PåhlmanEvothings visual identity, 2015Visual identity and brand book for the Swedish tech company Evothings.
Settle Into Stockholm, visual identity, 2014Peter PåhlmanSettle Into Stockholm, visual identity, 2014Visual identity, marketing strategy, web design and art direction.
AppUp, 2016Peter PåhlmanAppUp, 2016Visual identity and branding strategy for the recently launched SaaS platform AppUp.
Evenemang mobile app, 2016Peter PåhlmanEvenemang mobile app, 2016UI/UX for Sweden's best event and ticket app.
Campaign för Planet Fitness, 2016Peter PåhlmanCampaign för Planet Fitness, 2016Marketing campaign för Planet Fitness, including web, social media marketing, video, copy and print
Visual concept for Academedia, 2015Peter PåhlmanVisual concept for Academedia, 2015Pitching a new visual concept for Academedia, Sweden's largest education company.
Friendship in an app: GoFrendly, 2016Peter PåhlmanFriendship in an app: GoFrendly, 2016UI/UX for the GoFrendly app which allows women to find new friends.
Peter Påhlman

Peter Påhlman

I'm a graphic designer with my heart closest to web design. I've been working with within design since 2004, which finally resulted in me founding Spoke Digital Agency in 2009. Spoke is a digital agency with it's primary focus within web and apps for customers such as Viasat, Nokia, Tre, Bildbyrån Photo Agenct, Evothings, Duffler and Academedia. I have also done lots of education within the fields of graphic design and UI/UX, which has given me a unique ability to see people as well as projects from many different perspectives. This has also given my graphic work a pristine quality, as well as a pedagogic approach, which is of utmost importance when designing with the end-user in mind.