Phelicia Berggren portfolio

Watercolour, Swedish Whisky FederationPhelicia BerggrenWatercolour, Swedish Whisky FederationOne of the whisky watercolours that I have painted on commission for the Swedish Whisky Federation. These have so far been given to quitting members of the board at their yearly Convention during the Swedish Beer & Whisky Festival at Nacka Strand. I usually get a list of desired elements and bottles to paint, related to the person receiving it. I then compose a still life photograph of the bottles and then continue on to the painting. This part is by far the most time consuming, as it takes up to 24 hours to complete. 
Romme Alpin, Colouring book pagePhelicia BerggrenRomme Alpin, Colouring book pageI made a collection of pictures for a colouring book, commissioned by Romme Alpin, winter 18/19. They wanted their mascot Rommi in different scenarios, like in the slopes, at a birthday party, on the lake etc. This is Rommi out on the lake, fishing and having a good time in the company of some winter critters. 
Digital art, Ibis and the CosmosPhelicia BerggrenDigital art, Ibis and the CosmosThis is my fantasy character Ibis and she is a goddess. But in this digital art painting, she is portrayed in her human form. 
Acrylic painting, IdaPhelicia BerggrenAcrylic painting, IdaA painting I created in 2019, after a photo of the beautiful Ida Kyllerman, @spindelsven. I wanted to challenge my realism and combine it with my more abstract and uncontrolled side.
Phelicia Berggren

Phelicia Berggren

I graduated from Mid Sweden University in 2016 after 3 years of Graphic Design and Communication. I have worked at two advertising agencies for about four years before I decided to freelance. During my years in this business, I have worked with clients like Romme Alpin, Västanviks Folkhögskola, Hedemora Energi, Avesta Art, Krylbo Elektra, Linus Sundström Racing, Mörtarbo Skog & Ord, Fancy Hair by Fanny Lexell, Falu Emailjskyltar, Fotograf Therese Asplund och Need2Code. It was clear to me early on that my passion in life is creating and I have been working as an artist since I was 18 when the Swedish Whisky Federation hired me. In 2018 I painted a work of art that Hernö Gin purchased. Lately I have also started working on layout and illustrating for children's books for two private clients.