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PeacePia DunérPeaceEditorial illustration: Peace - 2018 Vamé Magazine
Recipe image for lobster soup, 2018.Pia DunérRecipe image for lobster soup, 2018.Illustartion to the fish shop's instagram.
Recipe image for Moule, 2018.Pia DunérRecipe image for Moule, 2018.Illustartion to the fish shop's instagram
Campaign image for Salmon, 2018.Pia DunérCampaign image for Salmon, 2018.Illustration to the fish shop's instagram.
Editorial illustration: Recycling 2018Pia DunérEditorial illustration: Recycling 2018Editorial illustration for Vamé magazine 2018
Editorial illustration, parenthood. 2018thPia DunérEditorial illustration, parenthood. 2018thEditotial illustration for Vamé magazine 2018.
Editorial illustration, parenthood. 2018.Pia DunérEditorial illustration, parenthood. 2018.Editorial illustration for Vamé magazine 2018.
Illustration Unum 2018.Pia DunérIllustration Unum 2018.Illustration for Tobin projects: The plants Unum 2018.
Pattern design 2018. Own project: LionsPia DunérPattern design 2018. Own project: LionsPattern design 2018.
Editorial illustration: Bipolar disorder 2018.Pia DunérEditorial illustration: Bipolar disorder 2018.Editorial illustration: Bipolar disorder for Vamé magazine 2018.
Portrait Marie-LouisePia DunérPortrait Marie-LouiseA young Marie-Louise, 2018 personal work.
Children and gamblingPia DunérChildren and gamblingEditorial illustration: Children and gaming - 2018 Vamé Magazine
RagePia DunérRageEditorial illustration: Rage 2018 Vamé magazine
This year's Christmas giftPia DunérThis year's Christmas giftEditorial illustration: This year´s christmas gift - 2018 Vamé magazine.
Pia Dunér

Pia Dunér

Hello my name is Pia. I work as a digital AD, graphic designer and illustrator