Pia Niemi portfolio

Own project - animation catPia NiemiOwn project - animation catGif-animation of cat made in procreate.
Mouse on matPia NiemiMouse on matAnimation for an app.
Illustration for method book, Region VästernorrlandPia Niemi Illustration for method book, Region VästernorrlandDigital illustration to method book on reading projects, Region Västernorrland.
Illustration to method book, Region Västernorrland.Pia NiemiIllustration to method book, Region Västernorrland.Digital illustration to method book on reading projects, Region Västernorrland.
Wall painting - bear cubsPia NiemiWall painting - bear cubs  I was commissioned to take the forest animals into a newly renovated school. There were a total of 17 life-size paintings.
Little Red Riding HoodPia NiemiLittle Red Riding Hood  Acrylic painting for exhibition "Art for children", where seven of Sweden's children's book illustrators showed their works.
The Burying BeetlePia NiemiThe Burying BeetleWatercolor illustration from the book "The Burying Beetle – an intriguing insect". Gleerups
The Little Guillemot SiggePia NiemiThe Little Guillemot SiggeWatercolor illustration from the book "The Little Guillemot Sigge". Gleerups
Evil the WitchPia NiemiEvil the WitchWatercolor illustration, educational book (preschool). Sanoma Utbilning
Swedish - fun and easy!Pia NiemiSwedish - fun and easy!Teachers' book in Swedish language. Sanoma Utbildning
Maths for childrenPia NiemiMaths for childrenWatercolor illustration for mathematics book for 6 years old children: Prima matematik. Gleerups
Early Communication SkillsPia NiemiEarly Communication Skills  Watercolor illustrations and graphic design for the idea book / teacher guide "Early Communication Skills". Publisher: OrdAF.
Fairy talesPia NiemiFairy talesWatercolor illustration for "Språklust genom sagor", teacher's book, preschool. Sanoma Utbildning
CatsPia NiemiCatsWatercolor illustration for educational book (teatcher's book), preschool. Sanoma Utbildning
PiratePia NiemiPiratePrivate project.
Educational bookPia NiemiEducational bookWatercolor illustration from an educational book. Sanoma Utbildning
Magic ChristmasPia NiemiMagic ChristmasIllustration Christmas card. (unicef)
Graphic DesignPia NiemiGraphic DesignIllustrations and graphic design for books / educational material.
Pia Niemi
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Illustration / design of educational materials for children. I’ve illustrated over 200 titles: from reading training books and exercise books, to fiction books about animals and nature. I have also written several children’s books.

Through lectures, workshops and courses, I like to inspire and share my experiences. Eg: How to work as an illustrator. How to make a book. Different ways to be creative with words and pictures. Content is adapted to each group’s age and background.

Courses, Creative School, Workshop, Lectures

Pia Niemi

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Pia Niemi and I work as an illustrator, graphic designer and book author. I've been freelancing since 1989, that's more than 30 years now! I usually illustrate / design educational books for children and I also love to visit school classes (Skapande skola / Creative School). Assignments can also be logos, packaging, etc. I work in watercolor, ink and also digitally. I enjoy the varity and the opportunity to develop my skills.

Do you have any secret talents?

I am a technical college graduate in chemistry, but today I use that talent only to make super healthy smoothies or bake yummy chocolate cakes. And I usually know how to make things taste even better …

What is the best thing about working with you from a customer perspective?

My customers say I’m a positive and accurate person. With happy illustrations and a straight dialogue, which makes our collaboration easy. I like the variety of doing both illustration and design. When I visit school classes I inspire both students and teachers. I hope it shows how much I love my job.