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E-learningRebekka MornioE-learningThis is part of a pitch for an e-learning course that has the purpose to enlighten the user about their rights. Credits: Xtractor.
Pensionsmyndigheten: Housing supplementary allowanceRebekka MornioPensionsmyndigheten: Housing supplementary allowanceHousing supplementary allowance as a part of the pension.
Pensionsmyndigheten, Retirees living abroadRebekka MornioPensionsmyndigheten, Retirees living abroadPart of a press release about Swedish retirees living abroad.
Symbols, Crossmedia - Buildings in UppsalaRebekka MornioSymbols, Crossmedia - Buildings in UppsalaUppsala University House and Uppsala Castle, drawn from a bird-eye view. 
Atlas Copco; IllustrationRebekka MornioAtlas Copco; IllustrationIllustration suggestion for a digital book about company’s guidelines.
News graphics, TT: ModeraternaRebekka MornioNews graphics, TT: ModeraternaLeaders of the political party since 1965.
Infographics, TT - CyberattackRebekka MornioInfographics, TT - CyberattackInfographic showing an example of how a cyberattack can be executed. 
Infogrphics, TT - Trading with IranRebekka MornioInfogrphics, TT - Trading with IranIllustated information about Iran and the trading with Sweden.
Illustration, Cleverlearning - TraffickingRebekka MornioIllustration, Cleverlearning - TraffickingSeries of illustration conserning Child trafficking.
Illustration, Cleverlearning - TraffickingRebekka MornioIllustration, Cleverlearning - TraffickingIllustration series concerning child trafficking.
Organ Transplant, VQR (The Virginia Quarterly Review)Rebekka MornioOrgan Transplant, VQR (The Virginia Quarterly Review)Graphics about organ donations in the USA.
Icons, Pook's HillRebekka MornioIcons, Pook's HillIcons for the jungle lodges services, activities, and tours.
Diary packaging, Arla - IllustrationRebekka MornioDiary packaging, Arla - IllustrationIllustration on contributor, producer and cruded producer.
Rebekka Mornio

Rebekka Mornio

Rebekka Mornio – An open-minded designer and illustrator that creates powerful storytelling through a distinctive visual language. Turning complex issues into simplistic and meaningful digital content.