Rickard Grönkvist portfolio

Poster for Liseberg Amusement ParkRickard GrönkvistPoster for Liseberg Amusement ParkPoster illustration for the 2021 opening of Liseberg Amusement Park.   
Illustration for VillaägarnaRickard GrönkvistIllustration for VillaägarnaIllustration for Villaägarna 2020 - 02
Skolporten#5Rickard GrönkvistSkolporten#5Article on science related to the educational system and the challenges it brings to the table.
Window illustrationRickard GrönkvistWindow illustrationWindow display for ”Ophelias Brygga” in Helsingborg Sweden. Main purpose was to display and inform available premisses for small business owners as well as hiding ongoing constructions. I got directions on trying to integrate Magnolias colours but also to make it blend in more with the red brick facade. Quite happy with the ending results, I like the colourful yet organised chaos, and it may not come as a surprise that I freekin love bubblegum pink.      
WE - MagazineRickard GrönkvistWE - MagazineThis is was commissioned by Esatto advertising bureau for We-Magazine. A full spread illustration to a article covering the challenges traditional industries face in a world were everything is getting more and more digitized toward AI.
We magazineRickard GrönkvistWe magazineIllustration for We magazine via Esatto
Illustration for VillaägarnaRickard GrönkvistIllustration for VillaägarnaThis was meant to be the cover of Villaägarna issue nr 2020 - 02
Poster for New Years in Malmo CityRickard GrönkvistPoster for New Years in Malmo CityPoster for the yearly New Years event for the city of Malmö. For 2016 and 2017.  
Göteborgstrafiken monterillustration via Sturm & Drang Rickard GrönkvistGöteborgstrafiken monterillustration via Sturm & Drang Monterillustration för Göteborgstrafiken till utställning på Ekocenter i Göteborg.
Poster for Teater 23Rickard GrönkvistPoster for Teater 23Poster for Teater 23
SOS via AppelbergRickard GrönkvistSOS via AppelbergCover and a fullspread for SOS magazine, via Appelberg
Apple animationRickard GrönkvistApple animationCampaign for VA-SYD on food waste that can fuel buses. My Illustrations animated by Varelsen  
Illustration for Scandinavian TravelerRickard GrönkvistIllustration for Scandinavian TravelerIllustration for Scandinavian Traveler
Summer bookRickard GrönkvistSummer bookWork for Malmö Stadsbibliotek. This event wants to encourage kids to read more, read 3 books and get one for free.
Campaign for VA-SYDRickard GrönkvistCampaign for VA-SYDFor VA-SYD, client Fan Club. A campaign to show that the Malmö city busses are driven by food waste. This was even mentioned in swedish magasine Cap & Design issue nr 5: https://capdesign.se/ett-budskap-avfall/
Illustration for WE magazine Rickard GrönkvistIllustration for WE magazine Illustration for WE magazine comissioned by Esatto and SSG. This article investigated correlations between positive and negative effects within a working environment of a traditional industry. 
Malmo Gallery Night 2017Rickard GrönkvistMalmo Gallery Night 2017For Konstfrämjandet Skåne. Layout och graphic design for the yearly Malmoe Gallery Night 2017.
TMPLRickard GrönkvistTMPLThis was comissioned by TMPL Solutions. The smart platform for housing, the office and the city we live in. Tmpl started with a vision to make it easier for people to live, work and live - whether it be neighbors, employees, tenants or citizens.

Rickard Grönkvist

Whats your name and what do you do?

My name is Rickard Grönkvist and I am a freelancer doing illustration, graphic design and photography. I take on all types of assignments, big and small within and outside the swedish border.

Clients: Betsafe, SAS, Axis Communication, Malmö Stadsbibliotek, Enkla Elbolaget, Prisjakt, Malmö Stad, Malmö Opera, Metria, Region Skåne, Teater 23 etc 
BureausOTW, Appelberg, Eminent, Mannov, Bästa Kompisar, InUse…