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Rikard  Häll

Rikard Häll

It’s just me! Or is it?

I run the design studio It's just me! – specializes in graphic design, motion graphics and illustration.

It's just me is an explosion. Or a funnel. An outlet simply for creativity and the joy of creativity. I do it because I love it, I have to do it. With clear ideas and strong concepts in the foundation, It's just me creates awareness and build brands.

But is it relly just me, freelancing Rikard Häll? No, not directly. With more than 10 years in the advertising and branding world, I have created a large network and can thus help you with all types of assignments – from print to web, movies and beyond.

Mostly, I help companies to be visable, in the right way. And to sell their goods and services, in the best way. Sometimes it is by clarifying and distinguishing their brand with a clear and creative visual profile. Sometimes it is through a living and entertaining motion graphics video in social media. Either way, I can help you and your company with all our communication needs.