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Sustainable illustration for NilornRikard HällSustainable illustration for NilornEvery year, Nilorn Group's designers travel around the world to get inspiration for their customer projects and concept collections. They are always looking for new ideas and are up to date with the latest trends. This year, they made a decision to visit only cities where trains could take them, to reduce the climate footprint. Traveling by train is the most environmentally friendly option when traveling longer distances. The greenhouse effect of gas emissions per kilometer, for example, is 80% less than traveling by car. In their Branding & Design magazine they boil down everything they have received from these inspirational journeys and let the reader follow along. Cities they visited by train - and which I was commissioned to illustrate were Paris, London, Berlin - but also to the intro page. See all of the illustrations over at itsjustme.se
Visual identity and logotype for VFX company Dupp filmRikard HällVisual identity and logotype for VFX company Dupp filmVFX company Dupp film needed a clear graphic identity, and a more distinct logotype that clarifies and strengthen their brand. We needed to take a holistic approach because they really didn't have a graphic manual before. A graphic manual with typefaces, colors, proportion, ratio and graphic elements that goes hand in hand with what they do and at the same time – lets them stick out. A real visual identity that is. Dupp film should feel reliable and safe but yet exciting, like the movie business. But at the same time technological, digital and breath "future", like the VFX industry. With visual effects they create something that does not exist today. They create magic. And they create new worlds. This is something we focused on. Nothing is left to chance. The colors are inspired by the VFX industry where they work. From cold to warm – ice to fire. A gradient that lets your mind wander towards a stormy sea. A strong and clean logotype that makes you think about movies and cinema. And at the same time it creates a tension with the diagonal line that goes through the logotype and gives the viewer a playful flirt with the traditional film clap. We also created a logo reveal to strengthen the feeling towards the movie business and a intro/outro they could use to marketing themselves in their own cases and more.
Explainer video for Skaraborgs KommunalförbundRikard HällExplainer video for Skaraborgs KommunalförbundTogether with Dupp Film we created this movie for Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund. For the project »En skola för alla«, which means »Education for all«. It's a project that tries to get school dropouts to get back into school but also focuses on the students who are already in school – so that they want to go to there and feels welcome. This movie is created to show the teachers and politicians that the project has given really good result and to push the continuation of all the efforts. It's just me took care of the idea, storyboard and all the 2D animation. Together with Dupp Film we wrote the script and they did all the 3D shots.
Motion graphics for Qmatic, Cloud SolutionRikard HällMotion graphics for Qmatic, Cloud SolutionTo market and explain Qmatics Cloud Solution and their fantastic customer travel system, I helped them to develop this motion graphics video for their social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Together with the customer we produced a script that was the foundation to the style frame, storyboard and the entire animation I created. In conjunction with these videos, the style and illustrations also form the basis of a library for the customer. What does your digital marketing look like? Is there a need to explain what you offer in a way that is easier to understand? Whether it's a product or service you provide, video is an attractive way to reach new and existing customers.
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Rikard Häll

It’s just me! Or is it?

I run the design studio It's just me! – specializes in graphic design, motion graphics and illustration.

It's just me is an explosion. Or a funnel. An outlet simply for creativity and the joy of creativity. I do it because I love it, I have to do it. With clear ideas and strong concepts in the foundation, It's just me creates awareness and build brands.

But is it relly just me, freelancing Rikard Häll? No, not directly. With more than 10 years in the advertising and branding world, I have created a large network and can thus help you with all types of assignments – from print to web, movies and beyond.

Mostly, I help companies to be visable, in the right way. And to sell their goods and services, in the best way. Sometimes it is by clarifying and distinguishing their brand with a clear and creative visual profile. Sometimes it is through a living and entertaining motion graphics video in social media. Either way, I can help you and your company with all our communication needs.