Robert Vallmark portfolio

DryadRobert VallmarkDryadPersonal work, ink and watercolour. Executed as artwork for an exhibition.
Wild boarRobert VallmarkWild boarSepia ink, watercolour, goache. Executed as artwork for an exhibition.
Smaug, portrait of a dragonRobert VallmarkSmaug, portrait of a dragonConissioned work, based on latest film-adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens "The Hobbit". Ink and watercolour, 2020.
Rodent lit by evening skyRobert VallmarkRodent lit by evening skyLeft side of bookspread. Imaginary childrens book spread created for a TV commercial. Not yet aired.
Blue BloodRobert VallmarkBlue BloodIllustration for short story in app-format, "Blue Blood" For Snicks stories app. 2020
Skull ornament, floral persian styleRobert VallmarkSkull ornament, floral persian styleOrnamental fantasy with skulls, personal work
Twilight in GäddeholmRobert VallmarkTwilight in GäddeholmIllustration for "Fylgjan 2" Short story in app-format, Snicks Stories, 2020
Fylgjan 2Robert VallmarkFylgjan 2Illustration for short story in app-format. Ink and watercolour, 2020 For the Snicks Stories app
Towards The LightRobert VallmarkTowards The LightIllustration for "Fylgjan 2", short story, app-format, Snicks Stories 2020 Writer Hannes Lyckholm Tusch och akvarell
The invicible "friend"Robert VallmarkThe invicible "friend"Illustration till "Fylgjan", novell i appformat, författare Hannes Lyckholm, Snicks Stories 2020 Tusch och akvarell
The FylgjaRobert VallmarkThe FylgjaFylgja appears. Illustration for short story, Snicks Stories, 2020 Writer Hannes Lyckholm
Tower owlRobert VallmarkTower owlUrban landscape with tower owl, ink, watercolour, goache.
PAN, with his friends, "Nokaro" perfume label, 2018Robert VallmarkPAN, with his friends, "Nokaro" perfume label, 2018Atmospheric visual retelling of a twilight picnic, mixed media, made as a painting and illustration for perfume label. "Nokaro", 2018
White Birches, record cover, 2018Robert VallmarkWhite Birches, record cover, 2018Cover art for vinyl record, "White Birches". Ink and watercolour.
Lethal folksong?Robert VallmarkLethal folksong?Illustration for article in HEMSLÖJD (issue 3, 2019), concerning plant magic, witchcraft, abortion remedy and traditional song lyrics
The Girl And The Garden, illustration for spring campaign, AKK design, 2018Robert VallmarkThe Girl And The Garden, illustration for spring campaign, AKK design, 2018Illustration for campaign "The Girl And The Garden", spring 2018. Fashion designer Anna-Karin Karlsson. Glasses, jewellery, accessoirs. Ink and water colour.
Atrium, Natrium and Kranium, 2017. Private project.Robert VallmarkAtrium, Natrium and Kranium, 2017. Private project.Illustration in process of finding visual atmosphere and characteristic style for personal book project. Ink and watercolour.
Portrait of the artist as a young rodentRobert VallmarkPortrait of the artist as a young rodentPersonal work, ink and watercolour, 2019
Robert Vallmark
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Robert Vallmark

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Robert Vallmark Painter and illustrator. Sporting a classic style, ink and watercolour. Influences, from "the golden era" to romantic landscape painting. English, chinese, japanese dito. And comix and the art of the portrait through the ages.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

End product high standard.