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Childrens book, Rabén & SjögrenSaga BergeboChildrens book, Rabén & SjögrenChildrens book about a girl fleeing a war, written by Marjan Svab and published by Rabén & Sjögren 2018. 
Mana, Resistance Through Memory CultureSaga BergeboMana, Resistance Through Memory CultureIllustrations for antiracist magazine Mana about resistance through memory culture. 
Modern Psychology, Brain issueSaga BergeboModern Psychology, Brain issueKeep your brain young by taking care of the telomeres.  Cover illustration for science magazines Modern Psykologi and Forskning & Framsteg. 
Personal project, "Orchestra"Saga BergeboPersonal project, "Orchestra"Promotion image featuring some awesome musical people
DanceSaga BergeboDanceAnimated GIF
Subtopia, "Bodies of Work"Saga BergeboSubtopia, "Bodies of Work"Images for a solo exhibition at Subtopia in Botkyrka 2016. I took inspiration from what Subtopia do, and worked with the body as a theme. What is a body and what, if anything, separates us from it? Prints are available at
Writers on the barricades, FörfattarenSaga BergeboWriters on the barricades, FörfattarenIs it possible not to be political when the democracy is under threat? Cover illustration for Författaren about writers on the barricades.
The fight against alcoholism, IOGT-NTOSaga BergeboThe fight against alcoholism, IOGT-NTOEditorial illustration for IOGT NTO magazine Accent, and an article about the fight against alcoholism in Uganda.
Trygghetsrådet, NetworkingSaga BergeboTrygghetsrådet, NetworkingEditorials about different aspects of networking for Trygghetsrådet. 
Karavan, "Rice"Saga BergeboKaravan, "Rice"Illustration for the brutal novel "Rice" written by chinese author Su Tong. Published in literature magazine Karavan.
Mural, TV4, ArtMadeThisSaga BergeboMural, TV4, ArtMadeThisMural at TV4, commissioned by ArtMadeThis and Vasakronan.
Short story, PosterstoriesSaga BergeboShort story, PosterstoriesIllustration for a short story written by Ida Kronholm about the body and sexuality. Published by Posterstories as a poster with the text on the back. 
Greenwashing, GöteborgspostenSaga BergeboGreenwashing, GöteborgspostenOne of several illustrations for an article about greenwashing. For Göteborgsposten's weekend magazine Två Dagar. 
Rundgång, "The Yellow Wallpaper"Saga BergeboRundgång, "The Yellow Wallpaper"Rundgång is a collective comic project and an experiment to find new ways to work with visual stories.  For the last issue we used the classic feminist short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman as a base. We split Gilman's text in 11 parts and handed them out to 11 different illustrators. I made images based on the second part. 
The art of grading, UttryckSaga BergeboThe art of grading, UttryckEditorial spread for teacher magazine Uttryck about understanding the grades.  Nominated to Fackförbundspressens journalist prize in the Best Illustration category 2017. 
Publikt, Swedish electionSaga BergeboPublikt, Swedish electionIllustrations about the Swedish election for union newspaper Publikt. 
Literature magazine Karavan 25 yearsSaga BergeboLiterature magazine Karavan 25 yearsCover illustration for literature magazine Karavan, celebration 25 years of non-european literature.
Rörelse, "Parenthood"Saga BergeboRörelse, "Parenthood"Illustration for Rörelse and a theme number about parenthood and family life.
Saga Bergebo
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Saga Bergebo


I'm Saga Bergebo, an illustrator and graphic artist working in different media with joy, clever solutions and respect as the common thread. I love to make people think while smiling! 

I create work for print and digital media, love to work both with big formats like murals and story based projects such as childrens books, and have a huge passion for color. 

Do you need help to convey a message in a warm, challenging and powerful way? Get in touch and let's do some great work together!