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Sandra Fröjd

Sandra Fröjd

I am a happy illustrator who mainly does pictures for children's books and magazines. I love creating strong emotions and use a lot of color, details and movement in my pictures. I am easy to cooperate with and want everyone in the project to be satisfied with the result.

I am also working as an editor and graphic designer at a publishing house since 2018, so I also have an eye for working with text if that should be necessary. 

Some of my employers: Kamratposten, Bonnierförlagen Lära, Bokförlaget Semic, Ordalaget Bokförlag, Beta Pedagog and Idus Förlag. I mostly work digitally, but occasionally do work with traditional mediums such as water colors, acrylic and oil paint.   

If you have any questions at all, don't be afraid to contact me!