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Carl Larsson-gården, Sundborn 2018Sanna HaverinenCarl Larsson-gården, Sundborn 2018Exhibition graphics and book design, “Between birch and bamboo”.
Verbal förlag, book cover "Sjukt, syster!", 2018Sanna HaverinenVerbal förlag, book cover "Sjukt, syster!", 2018The history of professional nursing pictured by combining form elements from 1860, when Florence Nightingale founded the first nursing school, until today. Handtexting and Graphic Design.
Ordfront & United Stage, Med ögon känsliga för grönt, 2017Sanna HaverinenOrdfront & United Stage, Med ögon känsliga för grönt, 2017Poster design and backdrop. Print design for tote bag. Portrait of singer songwriter Barbro Hörberg.
New Tide Orquesta, CD, HOOB Records 2016Sanna HaverinenNew Tide Orquesta, CD, HOOB Records 2016Illustrationer and letters all made by the hand with Outsider Art, Japanese spirits and naive fantasies in mind.
Palle Sollinger & Fredrik Hermansson, CD-cover, 2016Sanna HaverinenPalle Sollinger & Fredrik Hermansson, CD-cover, 2016Threehundred handprinted covers for Palle Sollinger's debut album "Brännkyrkagatan 44". I used an old typewriter, Underwood, from 1931 and screentones for old-school cartoon making.
Next Level Craft, Visual Identity Sanna HaverinenNext Level Craft, Visual Identity Symbol, posters, signs and decorations for the exhibition. Based on the craft traditions and magnificent nature of the four northern counties of Sweden, the exhibition targets young adults with the intention of spreading knowledge and increasing interest in our old craft traditions and skills. WASHINGTON DC, House of Sweden, March-April 2016, JOKKMOKK, Ájtte, April-May 2016, HÄRNÖSAND, Murberget, May-September 2015, ÖSTERSUND, Exercishallen, March-May 2015 UMEÅ Västerbottens museum, June-September 2014
SLÖJDSTORIES, Poster, 2016Sanna HaverinenSLÖJDSTORIES, Poster, 2016Graphic design and illustration inspired by craft and the lines of thought that appears when creating with the hands. Paper cut and computer graphics. The exhibition is an initiative of the Handicraft Consultants of Västernorrland, Sweden / MURBERGET Länsmuseet Västernorrland.
VYKORT, Oskar Schönning, CD cover, 2015Sanna HaverinenVYKORT, Oskar Schönning, CD cover, 2015"Vykort", 2015. Illustration and handwriting by Sanna Haverinen. Graphic Design by Henning Lindahl. Music by Oskar Schönning. Poetry by Gunnar Ekelöf
Nils Berg Cinemascope / Buskerud Fylkeskomune, Closing credits, 2015Sanna HaverinenNils Berg Cinemascope / Buskerud Fylkeskomune, Closing credits, 2015Illustration and animation. Closing credits for live concert / movie. A talking gif-animation.
Drawing paper, cover, 2015Sanna HaverinenDrawing paper, cover, 2015Cover for eco-friendly drawing pads. Collage with crayons, coloured paper and painted surfaces.
The Stoner, screenprinted LP-cover, 2014Sanna HaverinenThe Stoner, screenprinted LP-cover, 2014300 pieces of individually screenprinted covers for Swedish jazzcats The Stoner, 2014.
The Academy of Cutting and Tailoring 100 years, 2013Sanna HaverinenThe Academy of Cutting and Tailoring 100 years, 2013100 years of fashion interpreted in prints, one print design per decennium. Graphic Design and illustration commissioned by The Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Stockholm, 2013
Nils Berg Cinemascope, Poster / Record cover, 2012Sanna HaverinenNils Berg Cinemascope, Poster / Record cover, 2012Screenprinted poster/cd-cover and CD for Nils Berg Cinemascope, "Popmotion", HOOB Records 2012. The original drawing is an ink drawing, graphic form has an old-school movieposter as a starting point. "A bunch of YouTube clips from all over the world got Nils started with this stunning project. (...) Alongside the band is a film screen showing the far-away-guests, who are seen, heard and incorporated into the live music. A new quartet for each song."
Ishaaq, Cover Art, 2019Sanna HaverinenIshaaq, Cover Art, 2019I have inked some whitening toothpaste, a tiger and a weak one for text and sound genius Ishaaq.  And a pill, or is it an eye? Ink, crayon and gouache on paper.
Sanna Haverinen
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Sanna Haverinen

Sanna Haverinen's repertoire is wide. She moves between pencil drawings and black ink via expressions in watercolor, to pure computer graphics. No matter where it takes her, she basically always start drawing by hand in black ink and cutting shapes in black paper. Dreams in color and scans, adds effects, prints and draws more by hand. The working method matches the context.

Haverinen makes artworks, but her role is often broader than that. She designs, screen prints, decorates and sets up exhibitions in Sweden and internationally.