Sara Lundberg

Sara Lundberg

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?My name is Sara Lundberg, and I am an artist/illustrator/writer.
What part of your creative work do you like the most?I don’t know, I like the whole process. I can really get into doing research, and procrastinate the hands-on work. I do my pictures on paper with acrylic, watercolor and collage. I like to dive into it instead of doing alot of pre-drawing. When the picture that I am working on surprises me -that’s when I feel the most fulfilled.
Have you received any awards or prizes?In 2009 I received a national bookaward The August Prize for a children’sbook called “Skriv Om och Om Igen”, and 2010 I was nominated by the Swedish Writer’s Association for a prize called Slangbellan – it was for the best children’s book debut.
2010 I also won gold in KOLLA for best motion graphics.