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Sara Lundberg
Sara Lundbergdancer with wolves
Sara LundbergMigrating birds
Sara LundbergPrincess with monster
Sara Lundberggirl with aeroplane
Sara LundbergIn the woods
Sara Lundberg
Sara LundbergThe Girl and the Lion
Sara LundbergThe Game
Sara LundbergAt the hotel
Sara Lundberg
Sara LundbergThe Princess and the Frog
Sara LundbergWeddingpicture
Sara LundbergWhite Lines
Sara LundbergWhite lines
Sara LundbergWhite lines
Sara Lundberg

Sara Lundberg

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?My name is Sara Lundberg, and I am an artist/illustrator/writer.
What part of your creative work do you like the most?I don’t know, I like the whole process. I can really get into doing research, and procrastinate the hands-on work. I do my pictures on paper with acrylic, watercolor and collage. I like to dive into it instead of doing alot of pre-drawing. When the picture that I am working on surprises me -that’s when I feel the most fulfilled.
Have you received any awards or prizes?In 2009 I received a national bookaward The August Prize for a children’sbook called “Skriv Om och Om Igen”, and 2010 I was nominated by the Swedish Writer’s Association for a prize called Slangbellan – it was for the best children’s book debut.
2010 I also won gold in KOLLA for best motion graphics.