Sara Spånghagen Öijerstedt portfolio

MargotSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtMargotA documentary animation about Margot who worked as a nurse in different parts of Africa during 1958-1978
St PaulSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSt PaulAn illustration based on my time in London.
HatmanSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtHatmanOne of my personal projects to develop my walk-cycle skills.
Skipping girlSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSkipping girlShort personal project.
The citySara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtThe cityA cover for the magazine "Roten".
GinetteSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtGinetteCommercial for the beer Ginette.
Talking to AcornsSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtTalking to AcornsA project about a homeless person living in London.
Royal Opera House LondonSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtRoyal Opera House LondonWorking with the Royal Opera House in London to promote one of their ballets. A collaboration between me, Elain Song, Zena Kay, Ellie Spoerry and Jane Lee.
Sara Spånghagen Öijerstedt

Sara Spånghagen Öijerstedt

I am an illustrator and animator that has worked with clients like IKEA, Body Shop and Ginette.  A mixture of physical models and 2D is something seen through most of my animated work and I specialise in model making. My work is very narrative based and through handmade textures my work usually ends up having a loose and unique style. For my illustrations I like to work with mono prints, watercolour and coloured pencils.