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The Nobel Museum in Stockholm, "The Guest of Marie Curie".Sarah GampelThe Nobel Museum in Stockholm, "The Guest of Marie Curie".This is a story about the Nobel Prize winning scientist Marie Curie, her scientific research about radioactivity and about a spider family that gets to know the effects of it. This animated short was produced in collaboration with the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and was screened during their exhibition "Marie Sklodowska/Madame Curie".
Film poster for the short film, 'The Bus Trip' 2016Sarah GampelFilm poster for the short film, 'The Bus Trip' 2016Film poster for my short film, 'The Bus Trip' 2016
Ellerströms Förlag, illustration for book cover, 2018Sarah GampelEllerströms Förlag, illustration for book cover, 2018Illustration for book cover for the doctoral thesis 'Mas(s)turbatory Readings: a queer analysis of popular romance' written by Elin Abrahamsson.
Museum of Spirits, 2017Sarah GampelMuseum of Spirits, 2017Trailer of commissioned animations for the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm Sweden.
Short film, 'The Bus Trip' 2016Sarah GampelShort film, 'The Bus Trip' 2016Trailer for my animated short film 'The Bus Trip' See the whole film here: Or herer:
Short film, 'Alice and Harriet Retire' 2014Sarah GampelShort film, 'Alice and Harriet Retire' 2014The year is 2087 and Alice and Harriet are just about to celebrate their retirement. Animated short produced as part of the Swedish short film anthology 'Samhällssår'. A short film anthology that addresses political issues due to the Swedish government election 2014.
EnchantedSarah GampelEnchantedPersonal Work
IceSarah GampelIcePersonal Work
CoffeeSarah GampelCoffeePersonal Work
NatureSarah GampelNaturePersonal Work
Amphi Production AB, character designSarah GampelAmphi Production AB, character designCharacter design for three animated films. The films are part of an education about the relationshop between user and house supporter.
FutureSarah GampelFutureVisual sketch for an animated short film.
DogSarah GampelDogPersonal Work
MindlessSarah GampelMindlessPersonal Work
Sarah Gampel
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Sarah Gampel

My name is Sarah and I work as a filmmaker, animator and illustrator.
I strive to develop a unique personal style where I mix different animation technics to create a compelling visual style to enhance and tell a story.
My award winning animation films have been shown at various TV stations and film festivals around the world, from Palm Springs Short Fet in California to Flickerfest in Sydney.

Some of my clients include The Nobel Museum, The Simpsons, Vice and The Museum of Spirits.