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Under the Apple TreeSilvy StrandUnder the Apple TreeIllustration for the children's book "I Mellanlandet" by Åsa Uddh, published by Storges 2017.
We Make The Change - #We've Only Got One, 2016Silvy StrandWe Make The Change - #We've Only Got One, 2016Energy, Fair Working Conditions, Ecological Diversity - and Peace. The children illustrating 4 of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
Planet Tenders - We've Only Got One, 2016Silvy StrandPlanet Tenders - We've Only Got One, 2016In December 2016 I worked together with Fenomenalen Science Center to create a small book about the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. I created the illustrations and loyout, with great focus on intersectionality, showcasing a great variety of ethnicities, gender, body shapes etc. This is the 17th illustration - Global Partnership to realize the previous 16 goals (ending hunger, poverty, battling climate change and soon). Every child represents one of the earlier goals, and here they all come together to work for a better future for all.
Cover - Rädda Julen, 2016Silvy StrandCover - Rädda Julen, 2016Cover of the book "Uppdrag: Rädda Julen!" by Cecilia Rihs. Olika Förlag, 2016.
A Curious Parade, Uppdrag Rädda Julen!, 2016Silvy StrandA Curious Parade, Uppdrag Rädda Julen!, 2016Illustration for the book "Uppdrag: Rädda Julen!" by Cecilia Rihs. Olika Förlag. 2016.
Christmas Morning, Uppdrag Rädda Julen!, 2016Silvy StrandChristmas Morning, Uppdrag Rädda Julen!, 2016Illustration for the book "Uppdrag: Rädda Julen!" by Cecilia Rihs, Olika Förlag, 2016
Cover - Uppdrag Skrämmarna, 2016Silvy StrandCover - Uppdrag Skrämmarna, 2016Cover of the book "Uppdrag: Skrämmarna" by Cecilia Rihs. Olika Förlag, 2016.
Rollercoaster, Uppdrag Skrämmarna, 2016Silvy StrandRollercoaster, Uppdrag Skrämmarna, 2016Ilustration for the book "Uppdrag: Skrämmarna" by Cecilia Rihs, Olika Förlag, 2016
Whirlwind, Uppdrag Skrämmarna, 2016Silvy StrandWhirlwind, Uppdrag Skrämmarna, 2016An illustration from the book "Uppdrag: Skrämmarna" by Cecilia Rihs. Olika Förlag. 2016
Fenomenalen Summer Poster 2014Silvy StrandFenomenalen Summer Poster 2014Poster for Fenomenalen Science Center and their summer program of circus/tivoli themes science and experiment for kids. 2014.
Poster Cirkus Fenomenal, 2013Silvy StrandPoster Cirkus Fenomenal, 2013Poster for Fenomenalen Science Center new "science circus" theme, where they wanted gender neutral figures and a really retro old school-inspired circus poster. 2013.
Best Libraries in Sweden, 2012Silvy StrandBest Libraries in Sweden, 2012A poster for the libraries on Gotland to celebrate them being voted among the best libraries in Sweden.
Cover The Ten: Origins, 2014Silvy StrandCover The Ten: Origins, 2014Cover for my wife's self-published book, The Ten: Origins, 2014.
Chapter Illustrations The Ten: Origins, 2014Silvy StrandChapter Illustrations The Ten: Origins, 2014These little images adorned the last page of every chapter in The Ten: Origins and showed what the chapter had been about. 2014
Calling Card "Whimsical Retro", 2010Silvy StrandCalling Card "Whimsical Retro", 2010The illustration for my calling card back when I had just started freelancing back in 2010. Aiming for a quirky mix of retro and modern.
Fairytale Makeover Sleeping Beauty, 2012Silvy StrandFairytale Makeover Sleeping Beauty, 2012A Steampunk-inspired interpretation of Sleeping Beauty I made for the Fairytale makeover project I was part of in 2012.
SjälvporträttSilvy StrandSjälvporträttA fantastical self-portrait made for the Fairytale Makeover project, where a group of young illustrators got to interpret classic fairytales with a quirky twist.
Silvy Strand

Silvy Strand

Who are you and what is it you do?

My name is Silvy, and I'm a vertiable fountain of creativity. I mostly draw for children's books and museum exhibitions, and I love both the dreamy haze of fairy tales and the strikingly modern. My styles vary from the organic whiplash curves of Art Nouveau to cheeky little critters with sharp lines and colors. I always strive for emotion! I want all of my little characters to express something, and work with gesturing as well as color to breathe life into the figures. I also occassionally teach classes in Life Drawing and Gesture Drawing at Uppsala University.

What's the best part about working with you?

Fingertip feeling! I'm very good at reading between the lines and often get praise for my interpretations of my clients' ideas.

What's the dream job?

I love illustrating children's books – that's the favourite, hands down. Some day I dream of writing and illustrating my own books. All my pictures tell a story, and some day it'll be great to tell my own!