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Background for SHIELDMAIDENSofia Lantz BarziBackground for SHIELDMAIDENSHIELDMAIDEN is a animation project by Vilhelm bergendal. It follows the adventures of Rota, a young nordic girl, as she travels to the Eastern Roman Empirein to search for her missing grandfather.
Storybord for "Lay of Thrym" Sofia Lantz BarziStorybord for "Lay of Thrym" "Lay of Thrym" Example pages from a storyboard, based on The Norse myth from the Poetic Edda. For a pitch.
"Storken" animated film storyboardSofia Lantz Barzi"Storken" animated film storyboardSamples of storyboards for "Storken" currently under production by Astafilm. All all sequences can be provided upon request.
Steampunk Key ArtSofia Lantz BarziSteampunk Key ArtGame art for an unnanoced project mach 3 game
PompaDor character lineupSofia Lantz BarziPompaDor character lineupPersonal work - for a pitch
PompaDor Set designSofia Lantz BarziPompaDor Set designAn animated story taking place in the 18th century. Visual development - det design - For a pitch.
short short film project, art direction, 2015Sofia Lantz Barzishort short film project, art direction, 2015Student movie short project. Background design by me. (not character) watch the film here
Jurg the VikingSofia Lantz BarziJurg the VikingFor a pitch - project 
Astrologen illustrationSofia Lantz BarziAstrologen illustrationPersonal Work 2018 - about the time of enlightenment, alchemy and astrology  
New years 2018Sofia Lantz BarziNew years 2018Personal Work, ”New years 2018”
Sofia Lantz Barzi

Sofia Lantz Barzi

My name is Sofia Lantz Barzi and I am a Swedish designer specialising in character design, visual development, storyboards and illustration for animated films and games.

I am always on the lookout for exciting freelance opportunities, so please do not hesitate to get in touch!