Sofie Nohrstedt portfolio

Portraits, Stockholm's LS, 2017Sofie NohrstedtPortraits, Stockholm's LS, 2017Portraits for a handbook for new members of Stockholm's LS of SAC.
Mexico, Brand magazine, 2010Sofie NohrstedtMexico, Brand magazine, 2010Article in Brand magazine, 2010.
David, anthology, 2003Sofie NohrstedtDavid, anthology, 2003Portrait for an anthology, 2003.
Water, Arbetaren magazine, 2009Sofie NohrstedtWater, Arbetaren magazine, 2009Sketch for an illustration in Arbetaren magazine, 2009.
Economy, Brand, 2011Sofie NohrstedtEconomy, Brand, 2011Article about economy, Brand, 2011.
Key, Arbetaren magazine, 2013Sofie NohrstedtKey, Arbetaren magazine, 2013Horror story in the newspaper Arbetaren, 2013.
Gladiators, Gaudeamus magazine, 2008Sofie NohrstedtGladiators, Gaudeamus magazine, 2008Article about gender inequality at the university, Gaudeamus magazine, 2008.
The rose garden, Mana magazine, 2004Sofie NohrstedtThe rose garden, Mana magazine, 2004Article about a rehabilition center for abused women with a rose garden, Mana magazine, 2004.
Butlers, Gaudeamus magazine, 2009Sofie NohrstedtButlers, Gaudeamus magazine, 2009Article about butlers from a queer perspective, Gaudeamus magazine, 2009.
Bathtub, Arbetaren, 2013Sofie NohrstedtBathtub, Arbetaren, 2013Horror story in the newspaper Arbetaren, 2013.
Apple tree, Vassbo mansion, 2009Sofie NohrstedtApple tree, Vassbo mansion, 2009Wall painting för Vassbo herrgård, 2009.
Puzzle, Ålands HF, 2014Sofie NohrstedtPuzzle, Ålands HF, 2014New visual identity for Åland's disability organization, 2014.
Palestine, Mana magazine, 2004Sofie NohrstedtPalestine, Mana magazine, 2004Article about the situation in Palestine, Mana magazine, 2004.
Cigarette butt, Arbetaren magazine, 2013Sofie NohrstedtCigarette butt, Arbetaren magazine, 2013Horror story in Arbetaren magazine, 2013.
Suture, Veterinärtidningen magazine, 2009Sofie NohrstedtSuture, Veterinärtidningen magazine, 2009About violent partners, Veterinärtidningen, 2009.
Jungle, Arbetaren magazine, 2010Sofie NohrstedtJungle, Arbetaren magazine, 2010Article about companys investing in Amazonas, Arbetaren magazine, 2010.
Stars, Zenit magazine, 2011Sofie NohrstedtStars, Zenit magazine, 2011Article in Zenit magazine, 2011.
Portraits, Södertörn university, 2010Sofie NohrstedtPortraits, Södertörn university, 2010Portraits of co-workers, Södertörn university, 2010.
Sofie Nohrstedt

Sofie Nohrstedt

I do a lot of different things within my main fields of work: text and image. I've been working as an illustrator since 2002, mostly for magazines. I'll often be using water color, graphite, paper cut and Photoshop in my work. I create logos, covers, do wall paintings and calligraphy. I have a Bachelor of Arts in literature. I also took classes in journalism. As a journalist I've been working mostly for local papers. I do proof reading as well as transcription and other writing jobs. In 2012 my poems were published by the feminist collective and publishing group Dockhaveri, where I'm an active member. I've also been a part of the collective art project Tomma Rum for many years. For the moment being I'm occupied with the making of a short film, as well as a series of painted portraits. My studio is situated in the old porcelain factory in Gustavsberg, outside of Stockholm. From 2018 I'll resort in Los Angeles, CA, where I'm hoping to have more time for creative writing.