Staffan Nylander portfolio

Staffan NylanderCycling couple
Staffan NylanderSpot
Staffan NylanderStone crusher
Staffan NylanderFood
Staffan NylanderBugatti steering wheel
Staffan NylanderStamp. The Post Åland, Finland
Staffan NylanderClassic car: Lotus Eleven 1956–1958
Staffan NylanderTo an Annual Report
Staffan NylanderLogotypes, logo, emblem
Staffan NylanderBook about a Sports Car Club (MGCC Malmö Centre/MSCC)
Staffan NylanderTechnical illustration. X-ray illustration
Staffan NylanderChildren in car
Staffan NylanderRecycling. Showing systems for entrance and billings
Staffan NylanderCoffee brake
Staffan NylanderFestival
Staffan NylanderLogotype for festival in a part of urban
Staffan Nylander
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Staffan Nylander

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Staffan Nylander and I am illustrator and graphic designer. Most of all I make technical illustrations. I just love to draw old english cars.