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Stretcher and robot in elevatorStef GainesStretcher and robot in elevatorOne of four vektor illustrations made for the app SNICKS, which provides short stories to read on your smartphone.
Chapter 5 covert art of Quiet ~ CrowdStef GainesChapter 5 covert art of Quiet ~ CrowdChapter 5. Cover art for my webcomic Quiet ~ Crowd.
Cover art for music single "Lost & Found"Stef GainesCover art for music single "Lost & Found"Cover art comissioned by Edward Swords for his music single "Lost & Found". Released during the summer of 2019.
Map for Stockholm International Comics Festival 2019Stef GainesMap for Stockholm International Comics Festival 2019Map which was printed on the back of the officiall folder of STockholm International Comics Festival. The festival was held in the locals of Konstfack and it was the first time doing so, hence the importance of showing how to get there. A comission from Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.
Comic page from "Magdalena"Stef GainesComic page from "Magdalena""Magdalena" is a short story on 10 pages. Writen by MaGnUs and drawn by me for the online magazine la diaria. It's set in Uruguay, the comic is in Spanish and the backgrounds are based on places in Montevideo. The full comic can be read over here:
Comic strip for Tidningen VisionStef GainesComic strip for Tidningen VisionComic strip published in Tidningen Vision no 6 / 2019 ("tom" = "empty")
Page from graphic recording of seminars on AspStef GainesPage from graphic recording of seminars on AspI was hired to document a three day seminar on the freshwater fish asp and the work to protect it in Sweden. The first two days where seminars and the third day was a exkursion. I drew down everything using my iPad Pro and the result was a PDF of 162 pages. (This is page 15). Assigned by Thyréns and in coperation with county administrative board of Uppsala.
Comic page from Quiet ~ CrowdStef GainesComic page from Quiet ~ CrowdA comic page from my webcomic Quiet ~ Crowd. The project can be read at
Live drawing from a workshop about the participation and learning of youthStef GainesLive drawing from a workshop about the participation and learning of youthOne of many workshops held in Gothenburg for teachers on after-school programs. I was hired to document the workshops live which resulted in a PDF of 24 pages by the end of the day.
Comic strip, Tidningen Vision, 2018Stef GainesComic strip, Tidningen Vision, 2018Comic strip published in Tidningen Vision, a union worker's magazine.
Comic page for Kamratposten, 2018Stef GainesComic page for Kamratposten, 2018A comic page about summer and changes. Originally published in Kamratposten number 13, 2018. Bonnier Tidskrifter Ab
From sketch to finished charactersStef GainesFrom sketch to finished charactersAn illustration used around the workshops I do.
Cover, Quiet Crowd chapter 2, 2018Stef GainesCover, Quiet Crowd chapter 2, 2018Cover image to my webcomic Quiet Crowd. The comic is in English and can be read at
Haunted girl, private project.Stef GainesHaunted girl, private project.A study in color. Original character.
Ink study 2016Stef GainesInk study 2016Ink study of some stairs in Årsta, Stockholm.
Comic for swedish children's magazine Kamratposten, 2016Stef GainesComic for swedish children's magazine Kamratposten, 2016Baksidesserie till Kamratposten nr 09 2016 Bonnier Tidsskrifter Ab
[ENGLISH VERSION] Comic for swedish children's magazine Kamratposten 2015Stef Gaines[ENGLISH VERSION] Comic for swedish children's magazine Kamratposten 2015One page comic. Originally published on the back of children's magazine Kamratposten no 17 Bonnier Tidsskrifter Ab 2015 Translated to English for an online exhibition with the Swedish American Museum in Chicago.
Stef Gaines
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Drawing characters

When you’re a comic artist, you don’t have to draw realistic, but you can make your characters realistic with some tricks. I show and tell and give out drawing exercises on how to draw faces, bodies and movement. If there’s extra time, I also show some basics in hands, feet and animals. The workshop is suitable for children between the ages of 9 – 12.

Creative School, Workshop


Pacing in comics – sequential storytelling

A lecture on the storytelling techniques unique for comics and sequential art. Using various examples, I explain how to make a comic readable, exiting and fulfilling. I also talk about what you can do to make environments believable and characters likeable.


Creative School, Workshop, Lectures

Stef Gaines

Serietecknare och illustratör, född och bosatt i Stockholm. Tecknar bland annat för KamratpostenTidningen Vision, C'est Bon Anthology och Draw the Line. Jag tycker om att teckna nervösa karaktärer, snygga färger och övernaturliga element. Jag jobbar mest digitalt, och Clip Studio Paint är mitt favoritprogram för det. Men det händer även att jag tuschar analogt med stålstift och Bristol Board.

Workshops för barn i åldrarna 9-12

För mer information och exempel på vad jag gör, besök min hemsida.