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Drawing characters

When you’re a comic artist, you don’t have to draw realistic, but you can make your characters realistic with some tricks. I show and tell and give out drawing exercises on how to draw faces, bodies and movement. If there’s extra time, I also show some basics in hands, feet and animals. The workshop is suitable for children between the ages of 9 – 12.

Creative School, Workshop


Pacing in comics – sequential storytelling

A lecture on the storytelling techniques unique for comics and sequential art. Using various examples, I explain how to make a comic readable, exiting and fulfilling. I also talk about what you can do to make environments believable and characters likeable.


Creative School, Workshop, Lectures

Stef Gaines

Comic artist and illustrator, resides in Stockholm. Featured in Kamratposten, C'est Bon Anthology, Tidningen Vision and Draw the Line. I enjoy drawing nervous characters, awesome colors and supernatural visions. I moustly work digital and Clip Studio Paint is my favorite program in doing so. But sometimes I also ink with a nib on some Bristol Board.