Stefan Alexandersson portfolio

Funtion of a batteryStefan AlexanderssonFuntion of a batteryTeaching book, Physics
How to dissect a herringStefan AlexanderssonHow to dissect a herringTeaching book Biology. How to dissect a herring. Teachers manual.
Several illustrations to Teaching bookStefan AlexanderssonSeveral illustrations to Teaching bookA small example of several hundred illustrations, teaching book in technique
The boy and the ghostStefan AlexanderssonThe boy and the ghostTeaching book, English, fairy tell
Iink illustrations to Chemistry bookStefan AlexanderssonIink illustrations to Chemistry bookSmall example of several hundred illustrations to teaching book in Cemistry
Jumping PigStefan AlexanderssonJumping PigOne pig, two pigs and so on... Teaching book, English. I got, as often free hands from the editor to do what ever I wanted with the script and this is what I came upp with to illustrate numbers.
steam engineStefan Alexanderssonsteam engineTeaching book, Physics
Acordeon accidentStefan AlexanderssonAcordeon accidentSwedish tales, clamping i an accordion.
cycle, biologiStefan Alexanderssoncycle, biologiTeaching book, Biology
Renault DauphineStefan AlexanderssonRenault DauphinePromotion, Airbrusch, watercolor, gouache and pencils
FidoStefan AlexanderssonFidoMy own advertising dog.
Perch and toysStefan AlexanderssonPerch and toysWatercolor, produced to a series of posters, newer published
Stefan Alexandersson

Stefan Alexandersson

Version in English is comming soon.