Stefan Borell

Stefan Borell

What's your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Stefan Borell, I am an industrial designer and work with illustration, concept design and product design. I work both digitally and with pen and brush. I think it's very fun to translate thoughts and words into images and I am responsive, imaginative, and good at lifting the most important in an idea.

Which part of the creative work process do you like best?

The fascination is to start with a completely blank paper, it may turn into anything and I'm in control! The excitement of drawing is trying to find that something that makes the image interesting, it can be a look, a feeling … the detail that makes a difference. I like both to make sequences of images and to draw out the essence of a text into only one image.

How does your dream job look like?

Children's books are very close to my heart – they are the cause for my interest in drawing. the process of bringing characters to life and shape and allowing images to complement and deepen the written. To work together with the client to interpret and shape a vision, a fantasy.