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Illustration for RiksteaternStella SpenteIllustration for RiksteaternIllustration for Riksteatern
Illo for KamratpostenStella SpenteIllo for KamratpostenIllo for Kamratposten
Victorian comicStella SpenteVictorian comic-
Blood bath IVStella SpenteBlood bath IV-
Capturing StrengthStella SpenteCapturing Strength-
FreyaStella SpenteFreya.
AnnotateStella SpenteAnnotate-
Generation's BlessingStella SpenteGeneration's Blessing-
'Fear of heights'Stella Spente'Fear of heights'-
The WitchStella SpenteThe WitchPortrait of a witch
Diablo: Sword of JusticeStella SpenteDiablo: Sword of Justicecover
CyborgsStella SpenteCyborgs.
Woman with dragon tattooStella SpenteWoman with dragon tattoo.
WhoooaaarghStella SpenteWhoooaaarghOwn image
AngularStella SpenteAngularDon't matter what animal you're supposed to be as long as you are yourself
Thor's Fishing TripStella SpenteThor's Fishing TripThor goes fishing with the giant Hymir. Thor prepares a strong line and a large hook and baits it with the ox head, which Jörmungandr bites. Thor pulls the serpent from the water, and the two face one another, Jörmungandr dribbling poison and blood. Hymir goes pale with fear, and as Thor grabs his hammer to kill the serpent, the giant cuts the line, leaving the serpent to sink beneath the waves. Source=
Meeting the cultural heritageStella SpenteMeeting the cultural heritageMeeting the cultural heritage
Stella Spente

Stella Spente

I draw and paint, mainly fantasy and horror.