Stina Branting portfolio

My rocketStina BrantingMy rocketInnovation project on Berghs School of Communication. About an innovation and that you can reach were ever you want.
Save the beesStina BrantingSave the beesA projekt på Berghs School of Communication a gardenkoncept, save the bees.
Cat in the cupStina BrantingCat in the cupAnimationsproject on Berghs School of Communication.
The house for girls in SödertäljeStina BrantingThe house for girls in SödertäljeA paintbook project for the girls in there own house in Södertälje.
Svenska DagbladetStina BrantingSvenska DagbladetChristmas puzzle about difficulties familyrelations in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
Manu and the big fishStina BrantingManu and the big fishHindu mythology, Manu and the big fish. Course assignment from Berghs School of Communication.
Gothia FörlagStina BrantingGothia FörlagTemporomandibularis, from educationbook "Orofacial smärta, ett multidiciplinärt omhändertagande", Gothia Förlag AB, and diffrent posters about pain, Karolinska hospital.
Save the oceanStina BrantingSave the oceanProject on Berghs School of Communication. Save the ocean and the fish.
Gothia FortbildningStina BrantingGothia FortbildningMusculature from the jaw, from the education book "Orofacial smärta, ett multidiciplinärt omhändertagande", Gothia Fortbildning.
Stockholms landsting, Lafa, enheten för sexualitet och hälsaStina BrantingStockholms landsting, Lafa, enheten för sexualitet och hälsaPregnancy, education for schoolchildren Stockholms landsting
NetdoktorPro.seStina BrantingNetdoktorPro.seBröstcancer invasiv, information for general public 
StudentlitteraturStina BrantingStudentlitteraturNervus trigeminus, education book "Local Anastasie and pain" Karolinska Universityhospital
NetdoktorPro.seStina BrantingNetdoktorPro.seCladiocation, information for doctors and nurses,  
StudentlitteraturStina BrantingStudentlitteraturNervus lingualis mentalis. educationbook "localanestesia and pain" Karolinska University
Stockholms landsting, LafaStina BrantingStockholms landsting, LafaHormone from hypothalamus, education for schoolchildren, Stockholms landsting, lafa
PhobiaStina BrantingPhobiaPhobia, idea illustration for newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
Gothia Förlag and Haukkeland universitetssjykehus i BergenStina BrantingGothia Förlag and Haukkeland universitetssjykehus i BergenNervus trigeminus och occipitalis from education book "Orofacial smärta, ett multidiciplinärt omhändertagande", Gothia Fortbildning and education at klinisk odontolog, Haukkeland univeritetssjykehus i Bergen, Norge.
DepressionStina BrantingDepressionPsychical disease , ideaillustration, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
Stina Branting
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Stina Branting

How would you briefly describe what you do?
I am working as a illustrator and as a communicator mostly in the medical field and with education and education material. With twelve years of experience from pharmaceutical companies and communicator officer at Karolinska Institutet, I have gained knowledge in medicine and health that I greatly benefit from when I draw and illustrate. Education in Media and communication studies, with a focus on IT, digital media technology, pedagogy and pharmacology, has also laid the foundation for my educational ability to write texts and illustrate images for educational material at the ground schol and university level.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?
I illustrate informative and educational pictures and write factual texts that together form a whole. My artwork reflects reality accurately so a nerve sits where it should. 

Do you have any hidden talents?
Yes, I am good at woodwork, and I can fly airplanes. When I was younger got a airlinetransportpilot education. That experience have tout me a lot, I allways focus on the most inmporten thing.