stina Ejesdotter portfolio

Boy in kitchenStina EjesdotterBoy in kitchenIllustrations for an Russian dairy company.
GirlStina EjesdotterGirlIllustration
Farmer girlstina anderssonFarmer girlIllustration farmer girl
Birthday partystina anderssonBirthday partyIllustration birthday party
Summer Girlstina anderssonSummer GirlIllustration summer girl
Flower Girlstina EjesdotterFlower GirlIllustration Poster
Girl with glassesstina EjesdotterGirl with glassesIllustration girl with glasses
Girl with flowersstina EjesdotterGirl with flowersIllustration girl with flowers
Boy in kitchenstina EjesdotterBoy in kitchenIllustration boy in kitchen
Summer Girlstina EjesdotterSummer Girlillustration summer girl
Farmer girlstina EjesdotterFarmer girlIllustration farmer girl
Fruit Bowlstina EjesdotterFruit BowlIllustration
Girl eating icecreamstina EjesdotterGirl eating icecreamIllustration
Maya Tea Packagingstina EjesdotterMaya Tea PackagingMaya tea packaging design
Boy with glassesstina EjesdotterBoy with glassesIllustration boy with glasses
Plum jam packagingstina EjesdotterPlum jam packagingPlum jam packaging design
Flower Girlstina EjesdotterFlower GirlIllutsration
Italystina EjesdotterItalyIllustration Italy
stina Ejesdotter

stina Ejesdotter

Hi, my name is Stina Ejesdotter and I’m a freelance Art director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I have a passion for combining artistic handicraft with digital media, to create dynamic visual art.

I have an educational past in Graphic Design, a Bachelor degree from Accedemia Italiana and a Masters degree from FIDI, both located in Florence. Studying in the capital of historical art has made me respect and understand how to truly use craftsmanship in a modern way. My daily life in this city has given me an incredible source of inspiration for my work.