Stina Lövkvist portfolio

The dog chorus - poster for children's magazine KPStina LövkvistThe dog chorus - poster for children's magazine KPA Christmas themed poster for children't magazine KP. 2017, inks and watercolor.
Tea ceremony - personal workStina LövkvistTea ceremony - personal workPainted for the charity art auction at NordicFuzzcon 2017. Ink and watercolors.
How the dragon stole Christmas - art show posterStina LövkvistHow the dragon stole Christmas - art show posterThe poster for my first solo art show, held at Gallery Norrsken in Stockholm in December 2016.
Bubo Bubo - personal workStina LövkvistBubo Bubo - personal workOwl studies.
Partyyyy! - Cover for KPStina LövkvistPartyyyy! - Cover for KPA cover illustration for children's magazine KP. Ink and watercolors 2014.
Lucia animals - cover for magazine KPStina LövkvistLucia animals - cover for magazine KPCover illustration for the christmas issue of children's magazine KP 2011. Watercolor and ink.
The headless dragon - book coverStina LövkvistThe headless dragon - book coverCover illustration. 2017, Ink and watercolor.
Fox den - personal paintingStina LövkvistFox den - personal paintingI painted this for my art show at Gallery Norrsken in December 2016.
School results - cover for SocionomenStina LövkvistSchool results - cover for SocionomenCover illustration for the magazine Socionomen. Ink and watercolor, 2014.
Lyckoborgen - character designsStina LövkvistLyckoborgen - character designsSome of the characters from Swedish Radios Christmas Calendar "Lyckoborgen". Ink, watercolors and Photoshop, 2016.
Lyckoborgen - Christmas CalendarStina LövkvistLyckoborgen - Christmas CalendarSwedish Radios Christmas Calendar 2016. Ink, watercolor, Photoshop.
Sun spots - Personal artworkStina LövkvistSun spots - Personal artworkA lazy cat in the jungle. Watercolor 2014.
I don't think we're in Skansen anymore... - web graphicsStina LövkvistI don't think we're in Skansen anymore... - web graphicsA splash page for the Nordic Fuzzcon website on the theme of Eldorado. 2017, digital illustration.
Paisley Fox - web graphicsStina LövkvistPaisley Fox - web graphicsAutumnal banner for my website. Watercolour.
Victorian telephone - personal workStina LövkvistVictorian telephone - personal workA catophone. Personal project 2009.
Tiger and thaw - personal workStina LövkvistTiger and thaw - personal workA curious tiger. Watercolors and gold paint. 2015.
Uh owl... - private commissionStina LövkvistUh owl... - private commissionWatch out for the owl! Huge watercolor and gouache painting. 2015.
Summer night - poster tor KPStina LövkvistSummer night - poster tor KPA poster for the summer issue of children's magazine KP. Watercolors and inks 2015.
Stina Lövkvist

Stina Lövkvist

What is your name and how would you shortly describe what you're doing?

My name is Stina Lövkvist and I belong to a seemingly declining crowd of artists who likes to create pictures with traditional techniques. Teeming, colourful and imaginative watercolour illustrations are my prime number, but being as exemplary modern that I am I also master Photoshop and digital painting like it was my own tooth brush. 

Where can I see your pictures?

In the children's magazine KP since 12 years back. In the book series Kamtopparnas Mysterier and Cirkusdeckarna, and a dozen other books. In the buisness magazine Socionomen. In Träna Läsförståelse, a series of text books for school kids. In self published comic books. On the wall in homes of happy customers. I have long experience and have tried a little bit of everything.

What signifies your working desk?

A grand oil painting, depicting a "Skvader" (fable cross between a hare and a capercaillie) that never gets finished and takes up a lot of space. A heck load of stuff that could've used their own very place. A stack of pencils, brushes, erasers, paints and other essentials. A filthy Laptop. Five generations of empty coffee mugs.