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Stina Lövkvist

Stina Lövkvist

What is your name and how would you shortly describe what you're doing?

My name is Stina Lövkvist and I belong to a seemingly declining crowd of artists who likes to create pictures with traditional techniques. Teeming, colourful and imaginative watercolour illustrations are my prime number, but being as exemplary modern that I am I also master Photoshop and digital painting like it was my own tooth brush. 

Where can I see your pictures?

In the children's magazine KP since 12 years back. In the book series Kamtopparnas Mysterier and Cirkusdeckarna, and a dozen other books. In the buisness magazine Socionomen. In Träna Läsförståelse, a series of text books for school kids. In self published comic books. On the wall in homes of happy customers. I have long experience and have tried a little bit of everything.

What signifies your working desk?

A grand oil painting, depicting a "Skvader" (fable cross between a hare and a capercaillie) that never gets finished and takes up a lot of space. A heck load of stuff that could've used their own very place. A stack of pencils, brushes, erasers, paints and other essentials. A filthy Laptop. Five generations of empty coffee mugs.