Stina Nord portfolio

Personal work, 'Mother and her daughter Rut.Stina NordPersonal work, 'Mother and her daughter Rut.Selfportrait together with my daughter. Digital illustration made with Procreate.
Personal work "Ragnar with too big shoes"Stina NordPersonal work "Ragnar with too big shoes"Inspired by ”Farbrorn som inte vill bli stor” by the author Olof Landström. En del av illustratörskursen vid Leksands Folkhögskola 2021. Made in Procreate med Apple Pencil och iPad Pro.
Personal work, 'Pareidioli"Stina NordPersonal work, 'Pareidioli"Personal work as a part of illustration course at Leksands Folkhögskola. Pareidioli. Made in i Procreate.
Personal work, "älska min kropp som ett piano"Stina NordPersonal work, "älska min kropp som ett piano"Illustration based on lyrics by Yolanda Bohm, "Morgonrodnad".  
Personal work, 360-illustrationStina NordPersonal work, 360-illustrationCats. 360-panorama.
Personal work: Me as an illustratorStina NordPersonal work: Me as an illustratorTema: conceptual illustration with theme 'me as an illustrator'. i'm catching clouds/ideas and comission work. And welcoming to my artistic inner world "Digital mixed texhnique". Drawing, photography, vector, procreate, adobe illustrator, ipad pro, apple pencil.
Personal work, GeishaStina NordPersonal work, GeishaPersonal work. Digital illustration made in Illustrator.
Personal work, 'Yellow'.Stina NordPersonal work, 'Yellow'.Personal work, Gif-animation made with Adobe Photoshop.
Personal work: SalladsrutanStina NordPersonal work: SalladsrutanPersonal work. Digital illustration made with Procreate.
Ylva, my niece. Personal work.Stina NordYlva, my niece. Personal work.Personal project. Portrait. Digitalt illustration made in Procreate with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Pregnancy-selfieStina NordPregnancy-selfieIllustration for posters and prints on objects.
Personal work. Wild strawberries. Stina NordPersonal work. Wild strawberries. Children's portraits. Wild strawberries. Illustration made in Procreate on iPad with apple pen.
Personal work, 'Skull'.Stina NordPersonal work, 'Skull'.Digital illustration made with Apple Pen and Ipad Pro in Procreate. 
Personal work, autumn leaves.Stina NordPersonal work, autumn leaves.Digital drawing made in procreate with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Greta GarboStina NordGreta GarboVector illustration, drawing. Adobe fresco.
Personal work, Greta Thunberg.Stina NordPersonal work, Greta Thunberg.Personal work. Portrait of Greta Thunberg. Mixed media. Personal work. Quink analog and digital.
Poster Art, "Dancing Blue".Stina NordPoster Art, "Dancing Blue".Poster Art. Illustration for
Stina Nord

Stina Nord

I create illustrations using various techniques, hand-drawn on paper as well as digital. Also simple graphic design. My style is broad and I am happy to be challenged by different kinds of assignments. I really like capturing movements, always fascinated by the human body. 

And I enjoy being in contact with all kinds of clients in different context.