Lana Leuchuk portfolio

Smart City illustrationSvetlana LeuchukSmart City illustrationIllustration Car sharing, ​maximizing​ ​the​ ​service​ ​and​ ​the​ ​area
Smart City illustration Svetlana LeuchukSmart City illustration Illustration App​ ​and​ ​backend​ 
Smart City illustration 2Svetlana LeuchukSmart City illustration 2Illustration Dynamic​ ​parking​ ​spaces 
Illustration for calendar 2017, HydroTechServiceSvetlana LeuchukIllustration for calendar 2017, HydroTechServiceMixed media  
Character picture for promotional productsSvetlana LeuchukCharacter picture for promotional productsCharacter picture for promotional products, HydroTechService
Web designSvetlana LeuchukWeb designHome page Karlskrona Taxi
Visual Identity for Greenwater ABSvetlana LeuchukVisual Identity for Greenwater ABLogo design, colours, graphic elements, printed material, illustrations and web graphics.
Logotype design Bröderna MerkelSvetlana LeuchukLogotype design Bröderna MerkelLogotype design for the company offering building services and sales of building materials.
LogotypeSvetlana LeuchukLogotypeLogotype design and contact card for the Swedish company Padme AB
StampSvetlana LeuchukStampThe stamp for the company Green Business Team AB. I worked on the visual identity of the company, which include the logo design, colours, graphic elements, as well as designed printed material, created illustrations and web graphics.
Visual Identity for KOMM INSvetlana LeuchukVisual Identity for KOMM INLogotype and visual identity for the project KOMM IN (Region Blekinge). The project is about communication methods for attitude change.
Booklet designSvetlana LeuchukBooklet designBooklet layout for a project BBVET ( Commissioned by NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn.
Lana Leuchuk

Lana Leuchuk

Hi! I’m a graphic designer and visual artist working on the creation of graphics and images, print advertisements and visual identity, create logotypes and work on promotional material (brochures, posters, catalogues).  I use different techniques, both digital and traditional analogue (watercolours, drawing ink, acrylic).