Tara Sundström portfolio

DragonforceTara SundströmDragonforceLogo made for the gamingserie Dragonforce
Kalevala gamedesign projectTara SundströmKalevala gamedesign projecthead-design for the maincharacter Väinämöinen in the game Kalevala
GreeniX logoTara SundströmGreeniX logoLogo created for the gamingserie GreeniX by the company Taitonetti Oy
Värna dogfood, SpannfodTara SundströmVärna dogfood, SpannfodDogfood bad design for Spannfod AB
The Bat PateTara SundströmThe Bat Pateown project that at start was suppose to be a character to a game.
Bear in the woodsTara SundströmBear in the woodsDegree project
GreeniX gamingTara SundströmGreeniX gamingWork for Taitonetti Oy to create a banner for their new gamingserie GreeniX
Tara Sundström

Tara Sundström

My name is Tara Sundström and I have worked as a freelance illustrator for two years now, but been sketching and painting since I was little. I work both traditionally and digitally and like to mix different styles. I have a university degree in gamedesign and graphic where my focus was 2D-graphics. In my degree project I created a case study where I did a formal analysis for the artwork Ännu sitter Tuvstarr kvar och ser ner i vattnet  by John Bauer. Bauer has continued to be a big inspiration for me. Some of my partners that I worked with is Spannfod AB and Taitonetti OY. Most of my artwork have been illustrations but I have also done some logos.