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RoutinebooksTinna AhlanderRoutinebooksA series of four books with different routines. The fox Ralf brushes his teeth, the dog Edith washes her paws, the vampire Valle eats food and the hero Hjalmar gets dressed. Publisher: Ehrlin Publishing
Card for childrenTinna AhlanderCard for childrenA series of cards for children with all the zodiac signs. This is Sagittarius.
Birthdaycard Tinna AhlanderBirthdaycard Included in a series of cards, newborn, christening card and one year.
VÄNTinna AhlanderVÄNDesign of logo, packaging, labels, leaflets and brochures for FRIEND. A company with environmentally and skin-friendly products. Shampoo, soap, skin cream, liniment, foot cream, detergent, deodorant etc.
Your own special houseTinna AhlanderYour own special houseA fact book for children about houses. Publisher: Idus publishing house
Notebooks my first wordsTinna AhlanderNotebooks my first wordsTwo index books. My first words summer and My first words winter. Publisher: Triumf publisher.
A yoga story with Sam and SallyTinna AhlanderA yoga story with Sam and SallySaga with yoga movements on each spread. Publisher: Triumf publisher
Elsas´birthdayTinna AhlanderElsas´birthdaySketch for a childrensbook
MoodTinna AhlanderMoodIllustration for Krösatågen's train magazine Lingonet.
Scouts Almanac 2014Tinna AhlanderScouts Almanac 2014Monthly Picture November. Fox for the Scouts Almanac 2014
Scouts Almanac 2014Tinna AhlanderScouts Almanac 2014Monthly Picture August. Owl for the Scouts Almanac 2014
Buggy board RiderTinna AhlanderBuggy board RiderIllustration for a t-shirt for Buggy Board
Print for Skogsindustrierna Tinna AhlanderPrint for Skogsindustrierna Recruitment Campaign, Skogsindustrierna. Front page on folder
Go FarTinna AhlanderGo FarIllustration to projekt "Go Far" at Science Park, Jönköping
MartelaTinna AhlanderMartelaPattern to Spring-Campaign for Martela
Scouts Almanac 2014Tinna AhlanderScouts Almanac 2014Monthly picture October. Hedgehog.
Tinna Ahlander
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Tinna Ahlander

I am an art director, graphic designer and illustrator with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising. The base is a three-year advertising training from Beckmans and art director in advertising agencies as Svenska Budskap and Bolt. I have now worked as Freelancer In Full time since 2008. I am situated in Jönköping.

I appreciate the opportunity to take a holistic approach – a large network, photographers, copywriters and project managers make it possible. Tight frames or unconditionally Creation does not matter: the customer is always the starting point.

Here you can find me:

E-post: tinna@tinnadesign.se
Mobil: 0703-14 26 56

Hemsida: www.tinnadesign.se
Facebook: Tinna Design
Instagram: tinnadesign
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