Titti Backström portfolio

Families in cottageTitti BackströmFamilies in cottageAn illustration for an educationvideo of families living in a cottage in 1800, done after names and birtdates.
John Deere Forestry New Year Greetings FacebookTitti BackströmJohn Deere Forestry New Year Greetings FacebookJohn Deere Forestry New Year Greetings Facebook. Animation done in After Effects. The illustration was creatated as a printed christmascard.
John Deere, video for Facebook about campaign for GatorTitti BackströmJohn Deere, video for Facebook about campaign for GatorA short video done i After Effects for Facebook about a campaign for Gator.
John Deere Forestry, theme. Package design, christmascard, calendar.Titti BackströmJohn Deere Forestry, theme. Package design, christmascard, calendar.Illustration, skyline of forest used in package design, christmascard, calendar. Further packages are under production 2018/2019. I have also made the package design and the design of the calendar.
Nydala, design logotype, label and folderTitti BackströmNydala, design logotype, label and folderNydala, design logotype, label and folder.
Bread packageTitti BackströmBread packageIllustration for bread package. Customer Mumma Reklambyrå. Layout Viveka Hammarstedt.
Personal Work, "Welcome to the world of Fairy Tales"Titti BackströmPersonal Work, "Welcome to the world of Fairy Tales"Digital painting, personal work.
Self PortraitTitti BackströmSelf PortraitSelf Portrait, digital painting Photoshop.
John Deere, Greetings for Midsummer 2016Titti BackströmJohn Deere, Greetings for Midsummer 2016John Deere, Greetings for Midsummer 2016
SKOGEN (Magazine) 11/2015, illustrationTitti BackströmSKOGEN (Magazine) 11/2015, illustrationSKOGEN (Magazine) 11/2015, illustration about  method of forestry regeneration harvesting.
The history of work, illustrationproposalTitti BackströmThe history of work, illustrationproposalThe history of work, illustrationproposal for a bookspread, not yet published.
Graphic design brochureTitti BackströmGraphic design brochure  Graphic design brochure, John Deere Forestry 2015.
FoxTitti BackströmFoxDigital painting with fox and a patterns report created out of the components of the painting. 
Series of postersTitti BackströmSeries of posters  Graphic design of series of posters, John Deere Forestry 2015 and ongoing . So far produced around 20 which is also used in the European market.
John Deere Forestry Europe 2012Titti BackströmJohn Deere Forestry Europe 2012Christmascard for John Deere Forestry Europe 2012. Photoshop montage.
Context illustrationTitti BackströmContext illustrationContext illustration, Student work Berghs SoC
Breakfast theme 2Titti BackströmBreakfast theme 2Digital painting with breakfast theme Student work Berghs SoC .
HeartTitti BackströmHeartHeart, Pro Markers
Titti Backström
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Titti Backström

Perceptive, experienced and creative doer, who loves to visualize your projects, toward deadline. On time.
I work as a graphic designer, illustrator, and with photo retouch, frequently with customer in forest management. I love painting in PhotoShop.

Runs since more than 20 years the picture and marketingbusiness Banum AB together with my husband . We like to work with complete solutions and hopefully never stops developing. New techniques are tested constantly and my latest education was at Bergh's School of Communication in Motion Graphics in autumn 2017.

For examples of Motion Graphics and simpel animation https://vimeo.com/album/5364332.