tomas tomtyve nilsson portfolio

print design for lazy oaftomas tomtyve nilssonprint design for lazy oafI designed prints for a collection called thrash and treasure.  the brief included words such as: artifacts, art history, unknown meanings and relics. 
eyes, brush, vulcanotomas tomtyve nilssoneyes, brush, vulcanodigital image, personal project
Vinyl cover for fake bandtomas nilssonVinyl cover for fake bandVinyl cover for fake band. fake vinyl cover for fake band, part of  group exhibition in London.
poster for movie about tensta konsthalltomas nilssonposter for movie about tensta konsthallmovie made by Salad Hilowle and Jonas Böttern
poster for independent ceramics markettomas nilssonposter for independent ceramics marketposter for independent ceramics market in London
logo for jag kan cyklatomas nilssonlogo for jag kan cyklalogo for a project teaching children with function variations to ride a bike.
mural at östbergaskolantomas nilssonmural at östbergaskolanone of many murals made o behalf of östbergaskolan
logo for the project "Good life as an elderly person"tomas tomtyve nilssonlogo for the project "Good life as an elderly person"  logo for the project "Good life as an elderly person" which is a national Heritage Fund project that examines good examples of activities and housing for older people with intellectual disabilities (IF) and produces material about this. They also train four groups of older people with intellectual disabilities IF so that they become experts in aging. Good life as an elderly person - activities and housing for people with intellectual disabilities are financed for the most part by the Heritage Fund
breakfasttomas tomtyve nilssonbreakfastpart of ongoing series of digital prints. breakfast, coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee and something sweet, dinner, party.
collection for bicycle shop ATRtomas tomtyve nilssoncollection for bicycle shop ATRcollections for ATR containing a bike frame, caps, t-shirts, crewnecks, screenprints. more pics here.
editorial illustration for aesculap magazinetomas tomtyve nilssoneditorial illustration for aesculap magazineI got to do the illustration for a Student magazine in Norway called Aesculap. Its for medicalstudents and the theme was leadership.
letter to Swedentomas tomtyve nilssonletter to Sweden  Poster for short movie "letter to Sweden" directed by Salad Hilowle. The mother moves back to her native Somalia, but lacks the Sweden she remembers. The daughter who lives in Gävle has a different picture of Sweden. Mother and daughter meet with letters and memorial pictures. Director Salad Hilowle tries to understand what "home" means. Is it a place that is filled with memories or something else?
poster for art collective studio ponytomas tomtyve nilssonposter for art collective studio ponyposter for art collective studio pony
reflective stickers for ATRtomas tomtyve nilssonreflective stickers for ATRreflective stickers for your bike, trolley or everything that needs to be visible in the dark. together with bicycle shop ATR
beer can design personal projecttomas tomtyve nilssonbeer can design personal projectpersonal project, beer can design
congrats card, personal projecttomas tomtyve nilssoncongrats card, personal projectone of many congrats cards I produce
lunch- part of food seriestomas tomtyve nilssonlunch- part of food seriespersonal project
a housetomas tomtyve nilssona housepart of a serie och images, exploring minimalist illustration.
tomas tomtyve nilsson

tomas tomtyve nilsson


I am an illustrator and artist, educated at Konstfack in Stockholm.
With roots in the skateboard culture I early on came to find interest in different ways to express but also to watch the world and surroundings.
In my way of making images I often work analog and collage based. I also do bigger jobs, for example I´ve made murals for schools such as Östbergaskolan and Äppelängens förskola. I’ve also been working as a illustration teacher at folkuniversitetet and been part of an art school/ workshop in Älvsjö, where we held workshops together with children in the near area.

Examples of clients: clothing brand Lazy Oaf, market and artshop DIY artshop in London, bicycle store And the Revolution, magazine Lasso from Norway, the bicycle project Alla kan cykla.