Tommy Punsvik portfolio

"tigerwallwithelephants".Tommy Punsvik"tigerwallwithelephants".Private project, pattern, "tigerwallwithelephants".
Andy-the caribbean chef.Tommy PunsvikAndy-the caribbean chef.Posterillustration, "Andy – the caribbean chef", for an archipelago restaurant.
Poster for Esso.Tommy PunsvikPoster for Esso.One of several illustrations to a poster for Esso Chemicals, Sweden.
"Swedish Whisky Society".Tommy Punsvik"Swedish Whisky Society".Promotion picture for Swedish Whisky Society.
Presentation material.Tommy PunsvikPresentation material.Presentation material for City of Stockholm.
A childrens songbook.Tommy PunsvikA childrens songbook.Book cover for a childrens songbook.
Self promotion.Tommy PunsvikSelf promotion.Self promotion, Tommy Punsvik, illustrations.
Book cover, proposal.Tommy Punsvik Book cover, proposal.Proposal for book cover, "Trinity 1" by Leon Uris.
James Hunt.Tommy PunsvikJames Hunt.James Hunt. Ad illustration för GM Company, Sverige.
Illustration for a coofeshop.Tommy PunsvikIllustration for a coofeshop.Illustration for the coofeshop "Gåsgränd", in Stockholm.
Packaging-, display- and profile material.Tommy PunsvikPackaging-, display- and profile material.Illustration for packaging-, display- and profilematerial (candy).
Catalogue illustrations.Tommy PunsvikCatalogue illustrations.Catalogue illustrations for a language travel agency..
Selfpromotion, Tommy Punsvik illustrations.Tommy PunsvikSelfpromotion, Tommy Punsvik illustrations.Selfpromotion, Tommy Punsvik illustrations.
Poster- and ad illustration for Rank Xerox.Tommy PunsvikPoster- and ad illustration for Rank Xerox.Poster- and ad illustration for a multicopymachine from Rank Xerox, Sweden.
A childrens song book.Tommy PunsvikA childrens song book.Illustrations for a childrens song book by James Hollingworth and Karin Ljungman.
Label for a mens chlothing collection.Tommy PunsvikLabel for a mens chlothing collection.Label for a mens chlothing collection, to be used in ad's in media and in shops and as chloting labels.
Logotype for "Journalistförbundet".Tommy PunsvikLogotype for "Journalistförbundet".Logotype, en of all ingrediences in a new graphical profile for the Swedish Union of Journalists, "Journalistförbundet".
Logotype for "JamtNät".Tommy PunsvikLogotype for "JamtNät".Logotype for "JamtNät", a cooperate agreement for local communikations solutions.
Tommy Punsvik
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Tommy Punsvik

Former animator, illustrator och art director.

Now back to illustration again.