Torbjörn Källström portfolio

Moonlit PredatorTorbjörn KällströmMoonlit PredatorCover illustration for the book "Mokadji" by Mattias Olsson
Flight From the PterobotsTorbjörn KällströmFlight From the PterobotsA daring escape during a steam powered post-apocalypse where robot dinosaurs are running rampant
The One RingTorbjörn KällströmThe One RingSaurons ring, painted for Lord of the Rings LCG by Fantasy Flight Games
Tiny Water DragonTorbjörn KällströmTiny Water DragonTiny Water Dragons live in lakes and eat the insects that gather there. The wings that their larger cousins use to cross the skies have in the tiny dragons been adapted to quickly making their way through the water.
Galion, The Elven Kings ButlerTorbjörn KällströmGalion, The Elven Kings ButlerGalion from Lord of the Rings. Done for Lord of the Rings LCG by Fantasy Flight Games
Twilight HunterTorbjörn KällströmTwilight HunterCover for the second part of Christoffer Ohlssons books about Mitanni. Not yet published.
UnicornTorbjörn KällströmUnicornMost people have heard of this mystic creature, but few have actually met them
In the Land of the GiantsTorbjörn KällströmIn the Land of the GiantsThe sorceress Amida has after a long search finally found the land of the giants
Duskfall BuckgriffTorbjörn KällströmDuskfall BuckgriffAn illustration for The Spoils CCG
Marya SeaworthTorbjörn KällströmMarya SeaworthIllustration for the Game of Thrones Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games
DallaTorbjörn KällströmDallaDalla, Queen of the Wildlings, painted for the Game of Thrones LCG by Fantasy Flight Games
The Big AdventureTorbjörn KällströmThe Big AdventureCover illustration for "Det stora äventyret" by Lars Nothall
The Troll at Dufton PikeTorbjörn KällströmThe Troll at Dufton PikeBook cover illustration for "Tinkers, Trolls And Trouble Makers" by Julie Sandilands
Werewolf NightTorbjörn KällströmWerewolf NightA schaman is preparing to fend off a group of mean spirited werewolves
The FamiliarTorbjörn KällströmThe FamiliarA witch haning out with her close friend
The Shapeshifters JourneyTorbjörn KällströmThe Shapeshifters JourneyA selection of illustrations for a radioplay by Swedish educational radio, which is used as educational material for kids in year 4-6.
Torbjörn Källström

Torbjörn Källström

Hi. My name is Torbjörn Källström and I'm a person who draws and paints pictures of different kinds. My greatest focus is on realistic depictions of scenes from the genres fantasy and science fiction. Throughout my career I've done different book covers and illustrations for independently published books as well as artwork for collectible card games.