Tova Jertfelt portfolio

Personal Work, "The forest"Tova JertfeltPersonal Work, "The forest"Ongoing personal work, a storytelling about bullying and its consequences. An audiobiography, illustrated.
Natur & Kultur, book cover and illustrationTova JertfeltNatur & Kultur, book cover and illustrationCover and interior artwork for a swedish translation of Under your finger by Kristina Aamand. Published by Natur & Kultur in august 2019.  
Natur & Kultur, book illustrationsTova JertfeltNatur & Kultur, book illustrationsIllustrations and book cover for the poetry book “Modersmål” by the poet Mona Monasar, Sweden. Released by Natur & Kultur in august 2019. Some of the prints were exhibitioned at Kulturhuset Vällingy during September 2019., editorial illustrationTova, editorial illustrationIllustrations for the column "NMR och SD: Fascism i två fodral" by the historian and writer Hernik Arnstad. Published on on 22 august 2018.    
RE:Public, editorial comicTova JertfeltRE:Public, editorial comicPå flykt (On the run) is a real story in comic format. Ahmad* is a refugee from Eritrea who tells us the story of how, and why, he became a refugee. His journey takes us from his home in Eritrea, through Sudan and Sahara to Libya and then onto one of the boats on the Mediterranean Sea 2015.The comic is written solely based on the interview with Ahmad, and drawn by me for the magazine Re:Public, published October 2019. *Ahmad is a fictional name.    
RE:Public, editorial illustrationTova JertfeltRE:Public, editorial illustrationEditorial illustrations (five in total), and portraits of different environmental activists around the world that are in danger, because of their work. Read it here    
OmVärlden, editorial illustrationsTova JertfeltOmVärlden, editorial illustrationsMore than 50 unique illustrations for the digital magazine OmVärlden, made during 2017-2018. The illustrations were made for almost as many articles, in digital format. See more of them here.
Kollektiv Sorg, campaign visual profileTova JertfeltKollektiv Sorg, campaign visual profileVisual profile for the campaign "Kollektiv Sorg", launched in 2020. Logotype made by me. Read more here
LSU, animation Tova JertfeltLSU, animation Branding for LSU - HEL movement, including illustrations and animations for social media.
Teskedsorden, visual profileTova JertfeltTeskedsorden, visual profileVisual profile for Teskedsordens campaign "Var inte medrasist" 2017. A collaboration with Nathalie Ruejas Jonson
Amnesty, gift cardsTova JertfeltAmnesty, gift cardsIllustrations for a series of gift cards available for Amnesty. Launched in 2019, the cards depicts different human rights.
Live illustrationsTova JertfeltLive illustrationsFor events, afterworks, mingles and birthday parties I do quick portraits of the guests with ink on paper. All under 5 minutes. Selected clients have been Levi’s and Staropramen.
Berwaldhallen, posterTova JertfeltBerwaldhallen, posterPoster to the Interplay series of Berwaldhallen, September 2014 until May 2015.  In the Interplay show Music, Biology and the Brain, conductor Daniel Harding performs Symphony no.4 of Beethoven and R.Strauss’ Metamorphosen. Afterwards, neuroscientist and pianist Fredrik Ullén talks with Daniel Harding about how music and musicianship influence our brains.
Aferim!, illustrationTova JertfeltAferim!, illustrationMy contribution to the International Riga Film Festival, an illustration of the film Aferim! by Radu Žude  The movie is about the Roman being oppressed by the Turks and the Russians in early 20th century.
Tova Jertfelt

Tova Jertfelt

My name is Tova Jertfelt and I'm an illustrator and a graphic designer. I make illustrations for books, newspapers, magazines and digital campaigns.
I also make animations in stop motion and have experience with postproduction, visual profiling and logotypes. I'm excellent in drawing quick portraits and event illustrations, and I also make comics on demand. My strength is in the illustrated picture.

When I illustrate I tend to use black/white collage, ink, graphical prints, digital painting, lineart or drypastel, quite often I mix everything digitally. My body of work is graphical, usually black/white, with bold lines and space for happy mistakes. Most illustrations that I've made are dark in their nature, as they are about dark topics such as racism, bullying, oppression and crimes against humanity.
When I work with graphic design I prefer to work with others, in collaborations, in order to reach a good level of creativity and inputs.

I have a bachelor degree in graphic design and illustration/ visual communication from Konstfack College of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm Sweden.

Among my clients are Natur & Kultur, Amnesty Sweden, Teskedorden, RE:Public, OmVärlden and others.