Tove Hennix portfolio

The church Högalid, 2018Tove HennixThe church Högalid, 2018Exhibition at the Högalid church in Stockholm. About 50 illustrations of Stockholm and the towers of the church, a growing collection, welcome!
Surface pattern design Lindy hop, 2018Tove HennixSurface pattern design Lindy hop, 2018Surface pattern design for the brand Cissi och Selma. The pattern "Lindy hop", "Pardans", "Trolleri" 2018 and "Charleston","Isdans" ,"Swing" in 2019.
SÖS, vaccination 2021Tove HennixSÖS, vaccination 2021Illustrations to the hospital SÖS in Stockholm.
childcare, 2015Tove Hennixchildcare, 2015Article about nursing children home from work, 2015 
Learn from nature, Arla, 2014Tove HennixLearn from nature, Arla, 2014Seven different illustrations made for the back cover of Arlas milk 2014
Addiction, 2011Tove HennixAddiction, 2011Article about addiction in magazine Karolina, 2011.
PTS - Post and telecom authority, 2007Tove HennixPTS - Post and telecom authority, 2007PTS - Post and telecom authority, 2007
Advice and support group, 2011Tove HennixAdvice and support group, 2011Illustrations made for the broschure for advice and support group at Karolinska Universityhospital 
KÄTS, 2008Tove HennixKÄTS, 2008Organistation KÄTS, about treatment for eatingdisorder.
Dust, 2009Tove HennixDust, 2009A art cartoon about dusting in nightmares. Exhibition 1-7 nov. 2006 - Tokyo, Japan. Published as a book in 2009
Grunhilda Sasparilla, 2015Tove HennixGrunhilda Sasparilla, 2015ongoing project with an author in the Philippines, 2015
Vaccation, 2008Tove HennixVaccation, 2008bookproject "Liten manual för arroganta män"
Valentines, 2009Tove HennixValentines, 2009Kiss and hug project
Expo Zaragoza, 2008Tove HennixExpo Zaragoza, 2008Big print at Expo Zaragoza (World Fair) 2008, placed at the Swedish Trade Council.
reflection, 2006Tove Hennixreflection, 2006Different motifs for pillows, postcards, matchboxes etc, Kreativ insikt 2006
strength, 2008Tove Hennixstrength, 2008Atricle about caring in realation patient - doctor in Omvårdnadsmagasinet, 2008
FAS, 2010Tove HennixFAS, 2010Bookproject FAS - about womens health, 2010
Insomnia, 2009Tove HennixInsomnia, 2009article about sleeplessness, 2009
Tove Hennix
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Tove Hennix

I work with illustrations, patterns and artwork for various corporate clients and publishers since 2002. My work is inspired by everyday people, toy-figures, old cartoons, patterns and architecture. Great experience of illustrating mental health. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.