Tzenko Stoyanov portfolio

ChangeTzenko StoyanovChangeUS Library and ALA (American Library Association) for a change concerning Police Violence Against African American Society
Brooklyn Public LibraryTzenko StoyanovBrooklyn Public LibraryThe role the US library and ALA (American Library Association) plays in the BLM movement and the awareness it evokes on police’s violence against The African American community
Mountain climberTzenko StoyanovMountain climberMountain climbing and friendship as a lifeline
Pieces from the past Tzenko StoyanovPieces from the past By an essay on discoveries of family's unknown past history
GretaTzenko StoyanovGretaGreta Thunberg - magazine cover
Paul Celan's poetryTzenko StoyanovPaul Celan's poetryReflection on the poetry of the poet Paul Celan
Resilient democracyTzenko StoyanovResilient democracy"Resilient democracy", documentary director Mea Dols de Jong shows that lower social classes are insufficiently represented in our democracy
LegacyTzenko StoyanovLegacySwedish heirs in the Netherlands
HomelessnessTzenko StoyanovHomelessnessMore and more homeless people in housing shortage Sweden
The advance of the robot recruitersTzenko StoyanovThe advance of the robot recruitersArtificial Intelligence, is the big hype in the recruitment industry
The futureTzenko StoyanovThe futureDepending on the culture / language / continent, the future may be behind us / below us or to the side and not just in front of us
Summer guestsTzenko StoyanovSummer guestsThe summer guests, cover of the magazine VPRO gids. A summer classic on the Dutch TV channel NPO 2, based on the idea where six inspiring people tell their own stories one (out of six) summer Sunday evenings
The SeaTzenko StoyanovThe SeaBook cover for Mats Kempe's book The Sea. Pequor Press publishers
Procrastinating Tzenko StoyanovProcrastinating Procrastination, digital temptations as a time thief
Actor Benedict CumberbatchTzenko StoyanovActor Benedict CumberbatchPortrait of the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch
French Shellfish PlateauTzenko StoyanovFrench Shellfish PlateauA seafood platter poster for the French wholesaler Maison Le Gros
The BarTzenko StoyanovThe BarLetterpress print på beer coaster for a French restaurant in Stockholm
Cover "Nausea" by Jean-Paul SartreTzenko StoyanovCover "Nausea" by Jean-Paul Sartre"La Nausee" Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Bonniers klassiker publisher
Tzenko Stoyanov

Tzenko Stoyanov

My name is Tzenko and my primary occupation is to visualize texts and ideas by using a diversity of visual art techniques. I try to come up with a single and well recognizable imagery that works in favor of the main theme. Apart from four years of Art academy, I now have seventeen years of professional experience, which has been a constant search for new and improved forms of expression. The necessity for change and improvement has kept the excitement and the joy in the work process and the final product.

Commissioned (among others): Dagens Nyheter, De Volkskrant, VPRO, Albert Bonniers publisher, Norstedts publlisher, Het Parool, Stadsmissionen, Pricerunner, NK, Posten, Bauhaus, Goodyear, ArkDes, AEGON, Unilever, Axess, Vrij Nederland, Tidningen Vi, Kupé, Hemslöjd, Cap & Design, Filter, ETC, ABN AMRO, Esquire, Marie Claire, AtlasContact publisher…