Ulf Johansson portfolio

Arla sour milkUlf JohanssonArla sour milkIllustrations for packaging - illustrator and photoshop.
Elfa assembly instructionsUlf JohanssonElfa assembly instructionsIllustrations for assembly instructions wardrobe doors - Illustrator
Arla cheeseUlf JohanssonArla cheeseSeries of illustrations for different kinds of cheese packaging - illustrator and photoshop.
Cloetta PloppUlf JohanssonCloetta PloppSeries of illustrations for different kinds of chocolate packaging - illustrator and photoshop.
TePe organization planUlf JohanssonTePe organization planIllustration for organization plan - Illustrator
FazerUlf JohanssonFazerIllustrations for chocolate and confectionery packaging - illustrator and photoshop.
Leksandsbröd, packagingUlf JohanssonLeksandsbröd, packagingSeries of illustrations for different kinds of crispy-bread packaging - illustrator and photoshop.
Red CrossUlf JohanssonRed Cross  Transformation of symbols into moving media - Illustrator.
PaddlingUlf JohanssonPaddlingIllustrations to the article in the newspaper Paddling - illustrator and photoshop.
Cloetta PollyUlf JohanssonCloetta PollyIllustration for chocolate packaging - illustrator and photoshop.
Parker hydraulicsUlf JohanssonParker hydraulicsIllustration hydraulic pump - illustrator och photoshop.
Cell, Science life Lab KTHUlf JohanssonCell, Science life Lab KTHIllustration for knowledge resource on website - Illustrator.
ApoteketUlf JohanssonApoteketApoliva Illustrations for packaging - illustrator.
HaglöfsUlf JohanssonHaglöfsIllustrations for leaflets and labels - illustrator.
TePe Image bankUlf JohanssonTePe Image bankIllustrations to image bank - illustrator.
GB-GlaceUlf JohanssonGB-GlaceIllustrations for packaging of ice cream sauce - illustrator and photoshop.
MAIUlf JohanssonMAIIllustrations and text to poster - illustrator.
Magazine PaddlaUlf JohanssonMagazine PaddlaLogo, design & layout and cover photo to the online magazine Paddle. InDesign, illustrator and photoshop.
Ulf Johansson
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Ulf Johansson

Has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since the early eighties, mostly with commercial advertising / information, but also done a large number of non-profit and proprietary projects. Began traditionally with brush, ink and airbrush, but bye now mostly entirely digital. Both ways work fine. Most methods has its pros and cons, depending on how you enjoy working and what you want to achieve. I use Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, and can deliver in any format via email, dropbox, ftp etc.

Has probably worked my way through most of the major companies in Sweden, at least a couple of times. In recent years, particularly in two quite separate areas; technical illustration, manuals, drawings, etc., as well as product illustrations for the food industry, packaging and advertising material etc. I also do some magazine and web design.