Ulla Granqvist portfolio

violence in close relationshipsUlla Granqvistviolence in close relationshipsViolence in close relationships. A slow process and one part are beaking down.
Anxiety. ÖPUlla GranqvistAnxiety. ÖPAnxiety. ÖP
Consolation for adultsUlla GranqvistConsolation for adultsConsolation for adults. Illustration for a article about smoking. 
New way of thinkingUlla GranqvistNew way of thinkingIllustration to the newspaper Grus och Guld, JAK bank. Theme is readjustment to renewable energy. Stop the climate change.
Same job. Different payUlla GranqvistSame job. Different payIlustration to newspaper, Östersunds Posten, ÖP. Same job but different pay. Sex make difference
Front page newspaper. Theme changeUlla GranqvistFront page newspaper. Theme changeIllustration, Front page newspaper, ÖP Östersunds Posten. Theme change. Personal development. It is difficult, but soon everything is like before.
Picture for parentaleducationUlla GranqvistPicture for parentaleducationPicture for parentaleducation. Region Jämtland/Häljedalen. It is a big change in life to get a little baby to take care of.
Drawing in a trialUlla GranqvistDrawing in a trialProcedure drawing. Drawing in a trial. Note fast the situation and the body language.
Clothes destoy the environmentUlla GranqvistClothes destoy the environmentCheap clothes destoy the environment. What is the correct price? ÖP Magasin
evolutionUlla GranqvistevolutionEvolution. We a changes all the time, slowly.
Long-suffering, patience ÖP MagasinUlla GranqvistLong-suffering, patience ÖP MagasinIllustration to an article, long-suffering, patience ÖP Magasin. 
Trial drawing ÖPUlla GranqvistTrial drawing ÖPTrial drawing ÖP
child of an alcoholic ÖPUlla Granqvistchild of an alcoholic ÖPChild of an alcoholic. Theme for several articles. Parents like a fish in all of them.
The insects are threatenedUlla GranqvistThe insects are threatenedThe insects are threatened. They have a meeting. ÖP Magasin. An article about their situation.
Cheap clothes?Ulla GranqvistCheap clothes?Cheap clothes? There is somebody else who pay with low wage and withtheir health.
Logotype. Eidern. Business centerUlla GranqvistLogotype. Eidern. Business centerLogotype. Eidern. Business center. Strömsund
sexual harassmentUlla Granqvistsexual harassmentSexual harassment.Sexual offenses. You don´t want to talk about it. The pink elephant in the room.
Logotype. Nourishment and healthUlla GranqvistLogotype. Nourishment and healthLogotype. Nourishment and health. Small business
Ulla Granqvist

Ulla Granqvist

Hallo, nice to meet you here. I have worked with picture in my whole life. I have developed a special ability to find the core message in a text and express it in the form of a drawing. I find it especially challenging when I get the opportunity to transform a complicated text into a much simpler form – without losing accuracy. As an expression of my interest for society and an active citizenship. I also make drawings based on some specific idea, meant to convey a message, stimulate a thought or maybe provoke to action. Between 1997-2015 I have worked full time as a cartoonist at the daily newspaper ÖP. I have received a number of prizes for my work, in international events like European Newspaper Award and SND´s, Society for News Design/Scandinavia.