Ulrika Hembjer portfolio

Ulrika HembjerQueen Kristina of Sweden
Ulrika HembjerInkdrawing
Ulrika HembjerIllustration on problems with scientific investigation
Ulrika HembjerIllustration on insurances
Ulrika HembjerLogotype för genderstudies atthe university of Linkoping
Ulrika Hembjer
Ulrika HembjerIllustration and design of bookcover
Ulrika HembjerIllustration for journal about health
Ulrika HembjerPoster and bookdesign
Ulrika Hembjer
Ulrika Hembjer
Ulrika HembjerFat teenagers
Ulrika HembjerFemale experts are neglected
Ulrika HembjerCouple, carbondrawing
Ulrika HembjerPoster to the Royal Opera
Ulrika Hembjer
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