Veronica Wirebring portfolio

Brook HorseVeronica WirebringBrook HorsePersonal work: For a short story based on scandinavian folklore.
Bubblegum AnneVeronica WirebringBubblegum AnnePersonal Work
DreamwalkerVeronica WirebringDreamwalkerPersonal work: Cover for a short story.
FalconerVeronica WirebringFalconerPersonal work.
FireDawnVeronica WirebringFireDawnCharacter illustration made for a book.
Red birdsVeronica WirebringRed birdsPersonal work. Mixed medium, acrylic / digital.
Veronica Wirebring

Veronica Wirebring

I am a freelance illustrator based outside Helsingborg. I have had a burning interest in art since I was a child, and I therefore chose to train in, among other things, game art at Game Assembly in Malmö and comic art. For many years I have worked in the gaming industry, and illustration is my great passion. My long experience has made me very versatile and I am good at taking directives from clients.


I am happy to have an introductory meeting with you and / or your company to see if we can be a good match for each other.