Veronika Fedorova portfolio

OrangeVeronika FedorovaOrangeSelf initiated project. Orange illustration was created with label design in mind. Done with watercolor, colored pencils on hot press paper. 
blueberry pancakeVeronika Fedorovablueberry pancakeWho doesn't like blueberry pancakes for breakfast?  Self initiated project. Watercolor and colored pencils on hot press watercolor paper. A3. 
broccoli toast recipeVeronika Fedorovabroccoli toast recipeDone for They Draw and Cook Play Along. Toast illustrated in watercolor and colored pencils. Spons and lettering done in Procreate.  
pear toastVeronika Fedorovapear toastPear Toast Recipe card with hand lettering. Self initiated project. Watercolor and Colored Pencils on hot pressed paper.
Veronika Fedorova

Veronika Fedorova

Veronika is a freelance illustrator. She creates realistic images of food, objects and people.
She works both with traditional and with digital media. Clients: Side by Side Music Festival, Bloomsberry Publlishing, Renegade Games.