Victoria Ercin portfolio

Life formVictoria Ercin viki inkLife formPattern created traditionally and completed in illustrator.
JordgummaVictoria Ercin viki inkJordgumma.
Old butterfly Victoria Ercin viki inkOld butterfly .
Far away horisont Victoria Ercin viki inkFar away horisont Collage.
Digital CollageVictoria Ercin viki inkDigital Collage.
Best friendVictoria Ercin viki inkBest friend.
Mr GhostVictoria Ercin viki inkMr Ghost.
Personal project, The Little ElephantVictoria Ercin viki inkPersonal project, The Little Elephant.
Personal work, "Earth Hero"Victoria ErcinPersonal work, "Earth Hero"Personal work, "Earth Hero". Digital painting.
My friend and IVictoria ErcinMy friend and IPersonal work, digital painting, "My friend and I".
Personal Work, ”Elephant Fairy”.Victoria ErcinPersonal Work, ”Elephant Fairy”.Personal Work, ”Elephant Fairy”.
Vattnar växternaVictoria Ercin viki inkVattnar växterna.
Victoria Ercin

Victoria Ercin

My name is Victoria and I am a Stockholm based illustrator and animator, examined from Hyper Island 2014.

After my examination I worked for Röda Roboten, an animation studio specialized on childrens television that for instance collaborated for SVT.  My responsibility areas was primarily illustration, animation and graphic design.

I have been involed on projects of varied sizes and time periods, worked individually and in group, and with concepts from start to finish.

Today I work as a frilance illustrator, primarily focused on childrens book illustration.

Let me know if you have any questions regardning requests for quotation, ideas or thoughts that you want to implement or take further.

Best regards,