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The Adventure beginsYossra El SaidThe Adventure beginsPersonal piece based on original story + character designs.
comic coverYossra Saidcomic coverCover for my webcomic, "Glad to make your accountant". (You can read it online here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/glad-to-make-your-accountant/list?title_no=528667 )
Happy New yearYossra SaidHappy New yearPostcard based on my cat! :)
-Yossra El Said--
Yossra El Said
Yossra El SaidIllustration for a personal comic project
Yossra El SaidMy version of the dark knight Kato from acknowledged Swedish author Astrid Lindgren's novel "Mio, my Mio"
Yossra El SaidThe Alchemist's study - Illustration for a game start-screen.
Yossra El SaidSequence from my original comic project, "Raedus"
Yossra El SaidStudy featuring characters from my original comic project, "Raedus"
Myling - CoverYossra El SaidMyling - Cover-
Yossra Said

Yossra Said